MSPs can increase service teams’ productivity by integrating EcoStruxure IT Expert with ConnectWise PSA

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At Schneider Electric, we are focused on empowering our Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to offer the latest services and technology. We’re motivated to help them surpass the expectations of their customers while making themselves indispensable in the process.

With that in mind, I am pleased to announce we’ve integrated EcoStruxure IT Expert with ConnectWise PSA to automate power infrastructure alarm workflows. This exciting development means that ConnectWise MSPs can manage the IT physical infrastructure for their customer’s storage, networking, and compute devices with automated power infrastructure alarm workflows from EcoStruxure IT Expert to the ConnectWise PSA ticketing system.

How can MSPs benefit?

Schneider Electric teaming up with ConnectWise will allow MSPs to increase service team productivity by managing, tracking, and assigning critical, warning, and informational alarms automatically to ConnectWise ticketing boards from a single view.

MSP integrating EcoStruxure IT Expert with ConnectWise PSA

The benefits of this new opportunity are many for MSPs and include the ability to:

  • Grow your business and expand your current capabilities with new, recurring revenue streams through monitoring and managing physical infrastructure.
  • Updated data from power and cooling infrastructure and access it from anywhere with real-time visibility into your department health and the ability to track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) from dashboards.
  • Improve efficiency and streamline workflow in ticket creation and management.

A powerful opportunity

ConnectWise PSA brings powerful automation and standardization to your business. EcoStruxure IT Expert is part of Schneider Electric’s comprehensive Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution, EcoStruxure IT. EcoStruxure IT Expert provides advanced remote monitoring for wherever-you-go visibility into alarms, predictive maintenance, and data-driven recommendations to mitigate security and failure risks of your data center and distributed IT infrastructure.

ConnectWise PSA set up starts in the EcoStruxure IT Partner Portal and only takes a few simple steps to configure.

By joining forces, Schneider Electric and ConnectWise PSA have created a powerful opportunity for MSPs to take their business to the next level and surpass the expectations of their customers.

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