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When the EcoStruxure™ IT team announced in June that we were modernizing Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), a large part of what we wanted to accomplish was improving access to DCIM by making it easier to deploy and less expensive to use.

I’m pleased to announce we are making progress on that goal and easing the barriers to DCIM entry with an innovative approach designed to get users up-to-speed and comfortable with the software in a brand new way. Traditionally, training employees on DCIM has meant travel – usually international and expensive – for in-person training. That is no longer the case with our new online platform called EcoStruxure IT eLearning, which features a host of resources at your fingertips. It includes on-demand training and hands-on learning opportunities, so users are learning in an interactive way with real tasks, not just videos and PowerPoints.

How does the customer benefit?

With eLearning, our customers don’t have to send their employees around the world to train for days. We’ve moved the process online for the most convenient training we could imagine because users can access eLearning anywhere at any time. In the training, users learn by doing so they move at their own pace and will be as prepared as possible for that first day when the software goes live.

Restaurants have soft launches when they operate privately for a period of time before they formally open their doors to the public to ensure a smooth transition. Similarly, we are helping our customers onboard their staff before they officially go live with the new solution.

Women taking eLearning DCIM training

Helping customers with the challenges of DCIM 3.0

eLearning covers our EcoStruxure IT Advisor offer and is focused on planning and modeling. Due to the positive response we’ve had, we look forward to expanding the solution to other parts of our portfolio.

Our EcoStruxure IT team continues to embrace the challenges of DCIM 3.0 as we help our customers make their IT infrastructure more resilient, secure, and sustainable. EcoStruxure IT eLearning is one more way we are delivering on our vision for modernizing DCIM. At Schneider Electric, we are investing in and evolving EcoStruxure IT to provide more capability, flexibility, and deployment options than ever before for enterprises and colocation facilities everywhere in the world.

Learn more about EcoStruxure IT eLearning and if it’s right for your company.

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