Innovation and savings at the core of Schneider Electric’s new Micro Data Centre C-Series 43U offering

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In a world where every micro data centre (MDC) requires UPS, cooling and monitoring equipment, it only makes sense that these components are simply built in.

Schneider Electric’s innovative new micro data centre, the MDC43RU, presents just this and, as a result, offers 40% savings on CAPEX and a 20% faster installation time. It also makes ordering easier for both partners and customers, with more of data centre componentry contained within the one SKU. Moreover, installation is a less hassle, with the inbuilt components already pre-tested, so you know you are ready to go.

Efficient operations

Suitable for any edge computing or commercial environment, MDC43RU withstands the challenges of dust, power fluctuations and moderate temperature changes. The in-built monitoring equipment offers onsite and remote monitoring through Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure IT Software, and to ensure enhanced energy efficiency, the MDC43RU switches automatically between three cooling modes (the only solution on the market to do this).


Customers in the Pacific are already excited about using the MDC43RU product. Seeing the potential in disaster recovery applications, companies are looking to utilise these MDCs as standalone, failsafe storage facilities where critical data, tools and systems can be accessed when needed. Because these cost-effective MDCs do not require data centre specific infrastructure around them, the MDC can be placed in a separate, off-site location where it is protected from physical or cyber-attack damage.

For the education sector, MDC43RU can be used to create learning environments which take full advantage of the benefits of technology. As standalone data centre infrastructure, MDC43RU can host the networking and compute requirements of a smart campus, where learning applications such as remote learning access, simulators, interference-free networking and onsite data storage applications are deployed.

MDC43RU has been successfully deployed for customers across a range of sectors including:

  • Water, Wastewater
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Transportation

Ensure your digital environment is always on with a reliable micro data centre solution from Schneider Electric. For more information visit

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