Looking for a Relationship? Seamlessly Migrate your IT Infrastructure to EcoStruxure IT from any DCIM Platform

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The power of brands is about more than marketing – it is about relationships. I recently read that brands have evolved to the point where they are no longer objects or concepts. It turns out brands are the relationships.

This is exactly what is happening in our DCIM software business. We are not only trying to build a recognizable mark, or occupy a concept in your mind, or create an experience. We are looking for a relationship. To me, that means not only wanting to make our customers successful in the short term. We want to be there for a career or a lifetime.

Relationships are one of the reasons we have continued to invest in our DCIM capabilities for years and we are accelerating our plans. We see fantastic opportunities in this market to help our customers have a resilient, secure, and sustainable infrastructure. As part of this ongoing acceleration, we recognized several years ago that we needed to make our tools more open, so they were easier to integrate with whatever system our customers needed.

We discovered that for DCIM to reach its potential, we had to recognize that we were part of an ecosystem of tools.

Making migration and integration easy

That is why we created our EcoStruxure IT Custom Solutions team to maximize a customer’s return on their investment in EcoStruxure IT. This team is comprised of skilled engineers and has been performing customer integrations everywhere in the world.

The Custom Solutions team makes migration simpler whether the customer owns or manages colocation facilities or runs an enterprise data center. While some DCIM solutions in the marketplace are very complex and difficult to integrate, EcoStruxure IT is much more adaptable and it’s easier to deploy and use even for very large operations. Our Custom Solutions team provides not just the necessary resources, but also the back-end architecture missing with other solutions.

This advanced team embodies what Schneider Electric means when we say that we are the most local of global companies. Team members speak 24 languages and represent 15 nationalities. They work with customers in every part of the globe. They are physically close to customers, so they better understand the customer culture and the language. In short, they add value in a very tangible way.

I believe our investment in the Custom Solutions team is an advantage that our customers can leverage to gain control and visibility over their infrastructure. And the team makes it simple for our customers to successfully accomplish this transition whether they are a colocation business or a CIO managing a hybrid infrastructure environment.

Data Center Engineer monitoring DCIM

Managing an IT environment that’s resilient, secure, and sustainable

Just a few years ago, DCIM tools in the industry were inadequate and lacked the ability to take advantage of cloud and mobile technologies. What was complex and expensive to deploy and monitor – not to mention frustrating – is now simpler, less expensive, and more intuitive. And it is built to be integrated into the ecosystem.

Whether you are using spreadsheets and old DCIM platforms, or not using anything at all, we have the products, the people, and the processes to migrate your systems, integrating and customizing as needed.

While many in the industry may have given up on DCIM, we at Schneider Electric remain enthusiastic about the opportunity. I believe these tools will play a critical role in ensuring we meet the challenges of deploying infrastructure that is not only resilient, but also secure and sustainable.

We want to work with you wherever you may be in the world. In short, we want a relationship and we aren’t going anywhere.

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