Edge-to-Enterprise Industrial Software Requires a Solid IT Foundation — and a Trusted Advisor for Deployment

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In a turbulent, competitive market, industrial companies must constantly improve operations, increase efficiency, and raise productivity. Even a one percent improvement in efficiency can have a significant impact on operations. Yet, with globalized business models and supply chains, unifying data in real time is challenging. Old methods of communication and collaboration will not drive growth — indeed, they may even hold growth back.

Leading industries are embracing digital transformation, leveraging edge computing and cloud-enabled solutions from industrial processes to enterprise-wide systems. They’re taking advantage of innovation to create tight, secure connections between subsystems at each layer of their business, across global sites and functions.

A holistic approach to digital transformation

Achieving successful transformation is not a straightforward process. Unifying diverse data streams, including alarms, pressure management, maintenance schedules, work schedules, production data, financing data, revenue, expenses, inventory/silos information, supply chain, engineering information, and more takes time and expert knowledge of the operations. Without a tailored digital solution designed to extract relevant information in an organized manner, the sheer multitude of uncontextualized data becomes an obstacle, and it is difficult to organize teams and make agile decisions that maintain productivity even in fluctuating circumstances.

As part of our Edge-to-Enterprise strategy, AVEVA delivers a comprehensive family of HMI and supervisory control (SCADA) software for our industrial customers. With a focus on agility, flexibility, and enabling your workforce, an Edge-to-Enterprise approach represents an infinite range of possibilities that can help you best manage your operations.

Each component of an Edge-to-Enterprise solution is an integral part of your operations — from IIoT architectures and cloud-driven remote edge management to multi-site control. However, it’s the integration of these parts and how easily they work together that creates a holistic solution to improve visibility, decision-making, and reaction times — giving you the confidence to operate for the future.

Finding the right Edge-to-Enterprise partner

Once industrial end-users decide to adopt an Edge-to-Enterprise software strategy as part of their digital transformation, they must consider the following:

  • What is the best IT infrastructure on which to deploy this new software?
  • How should my deployment be architected to maximize uptime and minimize risk?
  • Who can help guide me through this digital transformation?

For instance, when the Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources decided to adopt an Edge-to-Enterprise approach to consolidate multiple operational systems and data silos into a holistic operational solution, they turned to AVEVA Endorsed System Integrator MR Systems to be their trusted advisor. MR Systems helped them select the correct software and hardware implementation to achieve their goals. Working with the water department’s engineering team, it installed and commissioned an AVEVA and Stratus Technologies solution to integrate the water treatment facilities in Gwinnett County into a unified operational control platform for the county’s water systems.

To further help system integrators like MR Systems expand the options in their deployment toolkit, we at AVEVA have teamed up with Schneider Electric, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lenovo, and Stratus Technologies to develop industrial edge computing reference designs. These solutions combine critical IT infrastructure and industry-leading compute platforms ready to deploy AVEVATM System Platform and our other industrial software solutions in a variety of configurations and architectures.

A community of innovation

In addition to the reference designs, Schneider Electric has created a professional development path for system integrators to learn how to address new requirements of industrial edge computing. And, there is a dedicated community of experts and a service provider matchmaking feature within the Schneider Electric Exchange to increase business opportunities and foster collaboration among system integrators as they prepare to take on the trusted advisor role for their end-user customers.

To learn more, watch the on-demand LinkedIn Live Innovation Talk: The Rise of Industrial Edge and visit AVEVA’s website to discover our Edge-to-Enterprise industrial software solutions.

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