The 2021 Network: How to Ensure Access, Deliver Speed and Handle Volume

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The demand on data centers has never been higher, and it’s only going to grow. How do we build and run today — for tomorrow? The Data Center Tech Bytes podcast features big industry conversations that take place in just a small amount of time. Join us as we begin to redefine the data center of the future and get ready for smarter and more sustainable operations to support greater connectivity and capacity.

In episode two, Russell Senesac, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Schneider Electric and Chris Malayter, Vice President of Network & Interconnection, CoreSite, talk over what’s become of the most essential technologies of our time: the network.

Russell points out that a major shift in traffic patterns from offices and schools to homes has revealed last mile gaps. Chris agrees and says, “There’s certainly a need for the last mile providers to invest in upgrading home network connections to be able to support a greater work from home environment in the longer term.”

“It’s multi-dimensional challenge: access, speed and volume,” says Russell.

Architecting to Support Demand

There won’t be just one approach to new architectures to support such demand. In a causal switch, traffic is driving the need, rather than uses cases as is typical, according to Chris.

The two agree that we’ll continue to see compute power popping up closer to the source — the   growth of interconnects and centralized cloud. Cloud gateways are possible at cell towers in cities that aggregates a lot of cell power conductivity.

As the IoT keeps getting bigger, many sensors require low bandwidth, but the aggregated data is massive. Getting the data back to end users, CoreSite’s customers, for example, is where the heavy compute lift comes in, says Chris. He believes large enterprise demands will push the cloud and colocation providers to deploy more.

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Russell and Chris go into more detail about the multi-dimensional network challenge and predict what approaches will help ensure access, deliver speed and handle volume through the next couple of years. Listen to their full conversation on the Data Center Tech Bytes podcast.

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