Why Cloud and Colocation Service Providers Place High Value on Cross-Enterprise Data Visibility

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Over the last several years, cloud and colocation service providers have been citing massive increases in requests for services. Hyperscale providers, in particular, have been building data centers with an expanding fleet of IT and OT assets to meet demand. As users across the globe augment digitization efforts, the level of complexity involved in operating and maintaining cloud and colocation facilities increases. In addition, although many cloud and colocation providers have moved quickly to accommodate growing end user requirements, systems have not yet been put in place to properly monitor this global fleet of new data centers.

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Schneider Electric, with deep knowledge in the IT, OT and IoT worlds of technology, along with AVEVA the industrial management software leader, are in a unique position to offer assistance in helping hyperscale cloud, and colocation service providers to manage these complex circumstances.

To better support operations management in these environments, Schneider Electric has announced an initiative to deliver Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ for Data Centers power, building and IT management systems with the AVEVA Unified Operations Center (UOC).

Rapid Digital Transformation Aided by Innovative Software Approach

The cloud and colocation customers I meet with today want to move faster in digitizing their operations than in the past. They also want to deploy technology in a fashion that represents less risk to them. However, it’s very difficult to successfully execute digital transformation projects alone. The Schneider Electric / AVEVA partnership is designed to simplify the work that cloud and colocation provider staffs are required to perform in order to drive their digital agendas.

The Schneider Electric EcoStruxure and AVEVA UOC offers complement each other. Schneider Electric best-in-class software solutions manage data center building, IT, and power infrastructure requirements while AVEVA integrates data from both Schneider Electric and other 3rd-party software solutions, using a single pane of glass. Visibility to assets and operations can now extend from a single data center to an entire fleet of global data centers. This enables data center operators to extract even more business value from the expanding pool of data and process information.

AVEVA has been selected as the partner of choice over many others because of their wealth of experience deploying enterprise operational command-and -control solutions within many industrial settings such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Water and Wastewater, and Smart Cities. Across all of these segments, Schneider Electric has already partnered with AVEVA, successfully delivering on promises to customers and providing rapid return on investment with a robust enterprise-level, “system of systems” approach.

Below are some tangible examples of how the Schneider Electric / AVEVA partnership offers business value to cloud and colocation service providers:

  • Faster real-time decision-making – In the past, cloud and colocation providers who wanted to consolidate operational data from multiple sites required teams of analysts to pull data from dozens of different systems. This was a complex, labor intensive and error prone process. Now the same task can be performed from one central location. Operators can manipulate their data more effectively. The AVEVA UOC software can take data previously in siloed sub-systems across individual data centers and normalize it across an enterprise’s sites globally, enabling real-time decision making.
  • Improved resilience – In today’s volatile environment, the term resilience has evolved to encompass both high reliability operations and low carbon emissions. By monitoring incoming system performance data on a near real-time basis, operators can visualize potential performance issues as they happen across the systems’ network. Maintenance becomes predictive when performance anomalies are tracked and early warning signs of potential component failures are identified. Additionally, access to asset energy consumption data informs colocation providers where to reduce energy consumption through high efficiency power and cooling components; making energy-saving decisions across their facilities.
  • Superior customer experience – The Schneider Electric / AVEVA solution supports connectivity with multi-vendor components and solutions – allowing previously disparate third-party systems to be viewed holistically, through a single-pane-of-glass. As a result, operators experience greater control and efficiency through improved operations.

Use the Power of Integrated Software Solutions to Best Manage Data Centers

Schneider Electric and AVEVA data center solution architects work with cloud and colocation service providers by training staff and offering intuitive software packages with simple and as easy to use functions. In this way operators acquire a more powerful means of exploiting the business benefits of their data.

To learn more about tools that enable data analysis to drive business productivity, explore our EcoStruxure for Data Centers and AVEVA Unified Operation Center solution websites.

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