Webinar: How Prefabricated Data Centers Help Colocation Providers Keep up With Demand for Capacity

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The colocation market is growing rapidly, with 451 Research predicting 7% CAGR in operational square footage globally through 2020. Clearly the opportunity is large for providers that can keep up with demand.

Keeping up with demand, of course, is all about rapidly building out capacity. It would be easy if that 7% growth was spread evenly across the globe and timed evenly across the year but of course, that is not the way the real world works. Prefabricated data centers and/or modular components (delivered in 12 to 16 weeks; about 20% to 30% of the time it takes to build a data center from scratch) are a great tool to keep pace with the demand of your clients.

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Prefabricated Data Center Options and Benefits

Modules come in various sizes and formats, depending on what customers need. It could be a modular room used to create data center space within a larger area such as a warehouse, a single skid with modules to add cooling, power or IT capacity to an existing data center, or a complete facility that can be constructed using prefabricated components.

Prefabricated modules provide benefits beyond speed of delivery. Because they are built and tested in a factory environment, they are not subject to as many of the challenges that you see on traditional data center construction sites. They’re flexible, able to fit in just about any environment, as well as scalable, enabling colocation data centers to add capacity on an as-needed basis. And they’re repeatable, providing the ability to install identical implementations in multiple locations. That leads to predictability in terms of performance, efficiency, reliability and operation, as well as standardized implementations and training.

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To learn more about what prefabricated data centers can mean for your business, attend this webinar, “Faster Colocation Data Center Deployment – Prefabricated Data Center Benefits and Consideration”,  heldWednesday, September 19, 10am EST, featuring Chris Crosby, CEO for Compass Datacenters. Chris reviews his company’s data center solutions – from the core to the edge – using prefabricated components, such as exterior walls and advanced construction techniques.

Register for the webinar and watch OnDemand. It will open the door to more options in efficiently meeting the increasing demands of your customers in this market, putting you on a path to growth and profitability.

This is part of a digital webinar series provided by the International Colocation Club, hosted by Schneider Electric – a community bringing together colocation providers throughout the world to share ideas and make connections. Watch OnDemand the March 2018 webinar featuring BroadGroup, addressing the topic: Attracting Investors: What Colocation Providers Need to Know. 

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