Schneider Electric takes home two awards for environmental leadership

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The rate of change in the field of sustainability is furious, with a steady stream of new products and services all promising to save energy. It can be challenging to keep up and determine which products will truly make a difference in efforts to curb costs as well as carbon emissions. So, it’s helpful when a respected web publication puts its seal of approval on a product and showcases specific projects that highlight energy efficiency efforts.

That’s what the Environmental Leader and Energy Manager Today Product & Project Awards are all about, and Schneider Electric is honored to have landed not one but two awards this year.

Winners: Indirect Air Economizer and Watson Clinic Project

The Schneider Electric Ecoflair™ Indirect Air Economizer was awarded Top Product of the Year, while its building automation partnership with Florida-based health system, Watson Clinic, received a Project of the Year Award.

The Environmental Leader Awards recognize excellence in products and services that provide companies with energy and environmental benefits, improves environmental or energy management and benefits the bottom line.

This industry recognition is particularly rewarding because it reflects Schneider Electric’s mission to be a global leader in energy management and automation. As the company’s executives have articulated time and again – like in this blog post on sustainability – Schneider Electric is committed to helping curb carbon emissions, promote sustainability and achieve global international climate goals.

Ecoflair reduces cooling costs up to 60%

Ecoflair furthers that effort. Environmental Leader and Energy Manager Today judges were impressed with Ecoflair’s evaporative cooling technology resulting in significant energy and water savings, as the award makes clear. Ecoflair can reduce cooling operating costs by up to 60% compared to legacy chilled water or refrigerant technologies, and can achieve efficiency gains of 15% to 20% when compared to other indirect air economizer systems. Its modular design promotes flexibility, simplified deployments as well as easier servicing, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Watson Clinic saves 30% in energy and operations costs

The Project of the Year award was in recognition of a years-long partnership with Watson Clinic, a network of medical facilities in Central Florida. Since installing a Schneider Electric building management system in 2001 and committing to regular updates to the system for more than a dozen buildings, Watson Clinic has saved 30% in energy and operations costs.

“I hope this system is rolled out to medical facilities worldwide,” said one Environmental Leader Project Awards judge in the award announcement.

As the Watson Clinic results show, that would certainly help get us on track for the 2°C reduction in global climate temperature that scientists agree is required to curb the effects of climate change. At Schneider Electric, we strive to do our part in that effort, and awards like these are affirmation that we’re on the right track.

Our thanks go out to all the judges involved with the Environmental Leader and Energy Manager Today Product & Project Awards. Read more about why Ecoflair Indirect Air Economizer and the Watson Clinic project were chosen for this industry recognition.

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