EcoStruxure Asset Advisor: Leveraging the cloud & big data analytics to eliminate boundaries  

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There is much talk in our industry about the implications of an “IoT connected world” with IoT, big data, analytics, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, and more. At Schneider, we are focused on how this trend towards sensors everywhere and on the internet, can benefit our customers. Ultimately, just having data does nothing for you – the question is: how will this data be utilized to bring unique value?

Our vision for EcoStruxure includes more than just connecting data to the cloud but how can we leverage cloud based technologies such as ‘big data analytics’ to drive more productivity and efficiency into the ecosystem and bring tangible improvements to our everyday lives.

Today, at the Schneider Electric Innovation Summit in Paris, we are pleased to announce the availability of EcoStruxure Asset Advisor for the French market, joining our other three service bureaus in the United States, United Kingdom, and India. In 2018, we have two more scheduled to launch in China and the Czech Republic (global bureau). Schneider Electric brings over 7,000 professional and field service experts and 5,500 trained partners across the globe to proactively service critical environments for our customers.

So, what is EcoStruxure Asset Advisor?

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor is our vision for leveraging the cloud and big data analytics to eliminate boundaries between our experts and our customers. We believe this is the real implication of IOT and cloud based tools – the ability to leverage Schneider’s expertise to enable our partners and customers in new and profound ways scaling human understanding and capital.

Our 24/7 data driven predictive service for business continuity, EcoStruxure Asset Advisor is the combination of IoT, cloud, and our experts and our service capability to enable all of us to become more preventive, more predictive, and more proactive. EcoStruxure Asset Advisor services offer the ability to anticipate and resolve issues before they become problems. This is Asset Advisor – combining data, with visibility, with service, to unlock productivity and efficiency.

And this isn’t just a theory. We’ve demonstrated it in practice. One of our customers is a global retail chain. This chain has approximately 2,300 stores representing about 36MW of power. We’ve been working with them for years and they piloted an early version of Ecostruxure Asset Advisor. When we connected data that was trapped on their premise to our cloud, our experts had the same visibility as they did.

The results were dramatic.

We increased the infrastructure stability at the stores by 82%, we decreased active faults from 70 to 10, and they tell us it freed 3,600 work hours of their employees to spend more time with their customers. We even have examples where our service personnel identified and resolved problems before the retail chain’s management knew the problem was occurring.

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor evaluates live data from customer environments and applies Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics to identify potential threats. With this data, Asset Advisor gives customers the power of choice for critical decisions, either to take action themselves or to leverage Schneider Electric’s Service Bureau to do so on their behalf.

That is our vision for Asset Advisor: to combine human insight, with connected data, with analytics so that we can move from reactively responding to problems, to predicting problems, to ultimately proactively resolving problems before they occur.

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