The Growing Importance of Software in Providing Reliable Energy Cannot Be Ignored

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Reliability is an important keyword as it is relevant across different verticals starting from Manufacturing to Cloud computing to Energy management. When it comes to providing reliable solutions to electronic computing machines (ranging from household desktops, laptops, mobiles to Data centers), state-of-the-art is well established with online, offline and interactive UPS (Back-UPS, Smart-UPS, etc) market offerings.

Although UPS market is seen as hardware-centric, there exist innovative solutions in the software domain that improve reliability and provide peace-of-mind to the customer, considering the complex environment in which UPS are used these days (virtualization, on-premise, cloud and edge computing). data center

Let me give you a couple of quick examples on software innovation related to reliable energy management from Schneider Electric. PowerChute software series (Personal edition, Business edition, Network Shutdown, etc) provides UPS management and safe shutdown of the customer resources in the event of power failures with many other advanced management features; Data Center Infrastructure Management offers integrated software, metering, environmental monitoring and security solutions for power, cooling and IT room management.

However, with the recent flare-up on open source initiatives (such as Open Compute project in the data center space, Raspberry Pi Foundation in the embedded computing space, etc.) targeting the hardware industry, there comes a challenge for the enterprise software systems to prove its worth by building differentiating software solutions.

Furthermore, keeping in view the technology trends, especially Internet of Things, Big Data, Pervasive computing, 3D printing, etc, enterprises will have to capitalize on this opportunity to deliver value-added software products, solutions and services. At Schneider Electric, we think software is our differentiator and strive to apply it strategically to enhance our offers and solve customer problems. We are utilizing software to complement and make a distinction to our offerings.

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