Pulse from the Data Center World Conference 2016

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What a difference a week makes.   This year’s conference is in Las Vegas and being sponsored by companies with very traditional approaches to data center physical infrastructure design with a focus on improvements around the UPSs and the like.   This is the exact opposite of the Open Compute Conference last week!  Click here to learn more.

There are 1200 attendees here. This is basically comparable to the Open Compute Conference but with a trade show area about 10 times the size.  However, due to the risk adverse nature of many data center managers, there is incremental innovation from most of the vendors participating.

There are some very well attended presentations focused on the rapidly changing nature of the environment today. My presentation  that focused on the evolving IT architectures and how to support,  as well as,  Compass Data Centers presentation on IoT and how it was going to drive Edge Computing  left a lot of people scratching their heads in a positive light.

However, this head scratching may or may not be indicative of the intention to change. The world of data centers and networking is changing right from under their feet.   Things in this world do take some time to change along with adoptions to new ways of thinking.  Exposures at conferences like this go a long way to get people thinking and start down the road to change.

To read our whitepaper on how we are addressing some of the technology trends click here.

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