6 Tools for Addressing Executive Order 13693

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While Executive Order 13693 intends to plan federal sustainability for the next 10 years, we have only had about 10 months to digest the legislation. I say “only” because at the same time we are still consolidating data centers and have just worked through the end of the fiscal year, not to mention maintaining uptime for “business as usual.”
That’s a lot to do and a lot to know. In a previous post, I gave an overview of White Paper 158: Guidance for Calculation of Efficiency (PUE) in Data Centers, which outlines in depth the key challenges and offers a standard methodology for addressing them.

Here are six additional resources to get you started on your path to efficiency.

  1. e-Book: How to Use PUE to Improve Efficiency

IT equipment uses only about half of the electricity in the data center; power and

cooling infrastructure consumes the other half. As a result, managers must pay closer attention to power usage effectiveness (PUE). Measured and used effectively, and in combination with other management tools, PUE is an ideal benchmark for ensuring energy is used more efficiently.

  1. Tradeoff Tool: PUE Calculator
    Mock-up a data center design with a standby generator, energy efficient lighting, an optimized rack layout or any combination of features to see their impact on your PUE and estimate your data center electricity costs. Using this tool, you can calculate the efficiency tradeoffs for specific design decisions.
  1. Tradeoff Tool: Cooling Economizer Mode PUE

Compare seven common cooling architectures and demonstrate their expected annual PUE, energy cost and carbon emissions.  As you input details such as the data center location and power and cooling configuration inputs such as IT inlet temperature, percentage of load and type of power and lighting, results are calculated.

  1. Tradeoff Tool: Design Planning Calculator

Compare the total savings from different design configurations and assess the expenditures from the different data center design configurations including: before and after PUE, capacity, TCO breakdown, capital expenditures by type and more.

  1. Tradeoff Tool: Virtualization Energy Cost Calculator

Calculate the impact on energy and space savings that data center server virtualization could provide. This tool shows the before and after PUE, a breakdown of where the energy savings comes from (i.e. server reduction, power and cooling systems), an estimate of electric bill savings and the amount of space saved through the project.

  1. Case study: The Green Mountain data center, located on the island of Rennesøy, near Stavanger, Norway, boasts a PUE rating of 1.2, and has established itself as one of the most efficient data centers in existence.

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