Personalities in the Data Center: What Our Research Says About You!

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Our data center manager personality test results are in! And if you think you know your peers or employees, think again — we’ve uncovered some surprising facts about the men and women behind the machines.

We’ve dug into the pressures faced by data center managers in previous posts, but when we asked you to take a quick test to find your own personality types you responded in droves.

The results were conclusive: one-third of managers who responded are optimistic, driven and confident. The majority identified as “Go Getters,” with a predisposition to cool, calm and collected mentalities.

But what about day-to-day operations? Are workloads increasing to the point where human failure really is the biggest risk? Do data center managers worry about imminent disaster? What about the future, and data center managers’ roles in influencing it? We’ve got the answers. Check out the slideshow below for a taster of our results.

 And if you’re wondering where you fit into all of this, just jump right in. Take our Data Center Manager Personality Test and see what it can tell you about your own tendencies.


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