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The Blogs of Summer: 5 Must Reads

Summer can be a good time to catch up on reading or take a digital break. So in case you missed them, or simply want to get your mind back in the data center, here are 5 must read blogs of the summer.




  • How Data Centers Have Become the Lifeblood of Business: The expectations brought by the Internet transformed data centers from being just a line item — a capex expense — to being transformational themselves as the means to bridge the customer gap. The IoT is here and has moved the data center even further into the core.


  • Micro Data Centers: The Perfect Choice for Edge Computing: Along side the release of a new solutions portfolio to support the growth of connected devices and data applications, Steven Carlini, Sr. Director, Data Center Global Solutions for Schneider Electric, outlines how micro data centers address the associated issues of bandwidth, latency and processing speed.


  • Powering the Data Center Through Hurricanes and Tornadoes: Hurricane season began on June 1, and luckily there have been no official storms of that nature…yet. We are coming up on the three-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy and still have to make it through November. Even a brief power outage can wreak havoc on a data center, so it’s crucial to have a disaster recovery plan.



  • Debunking Common DCIM Myths: Data center management software has become an integral part of planning and measuring efficiency. But is DCIM the same thing as a component management system? Is DCIM the only tool you need to monitor your data center? And are most data centers already using DCIM?

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