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A data center that provides not only business continuity but also community impact

Energy-wise and ecofriendly are often at the epicenter of data center of the future conversations, but if forthcoming data center builds look anything like INNAVA Data Solutions, NOVA Corporation’s newest data center in Albuquerque, New Mexico which opened in June, social responsibility and community impact may also become key pillars of the future.

The intangible ROI that Schneider Electric is particularly proud to be a part of with NOVA Corporation’s new data center is the positive impact this company – and ultimately this data center – will have on the community.

The holding company of NOVA, Diné Development Corporation (DDC), was established by the Navajo National Tribal Council in 2004 NOVA gives back to the Navajo Nation through endowments, scholarships and internships. The company estimates that it has given at least $2 million in the last five years to the Navajo Nation. DDC has created a family of companies over the years that all aim to contribute to the betterment of the Navajo Nation. One of those companies is DDC Construction Services, which is responsible for the build out of INNAVA Data Solutions.




In this same spirit of philanthropy, the data center will also include a training facility that will provide continuing education to NOVA employees, and help Navajo youth develop marketable IT skills.

Beyond its community impact, the project also met many other milestones, including:

  • Speed to market: Built in less than eight months, enabling INNAVA to start positive cash flow quicker than traditional data center builds.
  • Cost savings: Schneider Electric’s Data Center Solutions team was able to re-engineer the original design to provide the most of the same functional project requirements while dropping the total build out cost by almost 40 percent lower than original bids.
  • Fresh air cooling system: Utilizing Schneider Electric’s ECOBREEZE cooling system will enable INNAVA to cut cooling costs up to 75 percent with a partial PUE as low as 1.035.
  • Modular building blocks: Prefabricated UPS and Output distribution skids cut down on installation costs dramatically sped up the installation and eliminated installation guess-work.
  • Services and hardware: Schneider Electric served as general contractor, lead design, commissioning and project management services assisting INNAVA with design build work.
  • Enhanced security: Built to meet unique and stringent security requirements of federal and commercial customers alike.

And this is only the beginning. The data center is currently 6,000 sq. ft. but INNAVA is looking at taking it upwards of another 70,000 sq. ft. Schneider Electric looks forward to working together with the INNAVA to help them grow its business.

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