Debunking common DCIM myths

There’s been a lot of hype around data center management software — so much, in fact, that some people say hype has killed DCIM.

DCIMThe problem with DCIM may be that we’ve latched onto it as a phenomenon we can all get excited about, says Soeren Jensen, Vice President of Enterprise Management and Software with Schneider Electric.

And while it’s a new toolset with a lot of potential, it’s also a broad term that leaves many wondering what exactly it is — and isn’t.

Data center management software has become an integral part of planning and measuring efficiency. But is DCIM the same thing as a component management system? Is DCIM the only tool you need to monitor your data center? And are most data centers already using DCIM?

NetworkComputing debunks some of the common myths and misperceptions around DCIM and explains what, in fact, a true DCIM solution is. You might already have some of the components in place, but don’t know what to do next.

To find out what some businesses are doing wrong and how you can do it right, be sure to check out the slideshow.


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