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How a fleet management services provider can enable your business

A multinational bank, a regional hospital and a small chain of hardware stores may not appear to have much in common in terms of how their businesses are run. However, one thing the largest and smallest of enterprises share is the absolute necessity of having a constant and reliable power supply for their technology and support equipment. Even a brief outage can result in significant losses and increased risk. That’s why many enterprises count on their UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) equipment to keep their networks and data centers from going down. As reliable and durable as UPS hardware can be, it still needs to be monitored, maintained and managed.

This creates a challenge for enterprises, particularly when they have a number of distributed data centers or network closets with smaller, often over-looked UPS’. These single phase and small three phase systems rarely get the same manpower, investment, and attention as their larger brethren in the “main” data centers. Due to limited resources, it’s not uncommon for these UPS’ to be excluded from regular maintenance, monitoring, and support, which means problems are rarely caught until it’s too late.

Since few customers can dedicate resources to their smallest UPS’, but a failure within their network and phone systems can still be costly, it makes sense for enterprises to consider hiring a fleet management vendor that will ensure optimal performance and rapid response times.

A fleet management services vendor will help proactively manage UPS systems by documenting current equipment, correcting potential problems, monitoring performance, and reacting quickly to alarms or failures that could result in an outage. This provides peace of mind knowing that all systems, large and small, have the necessary visibility and maintenance. Fleet Management can also often be executed for far less than it would cost an enterprise to perform a similar function internally, since local labor, parts, and replacement units can be dispatched quickly and for less than the price of a plane ticket.

Schneider Electric’s fleet management services can help enterprises achieve maximum uptime through around the clock monitoring of UPS hardware and other critical points within the IT environment. The company’s fleet management services also include quarterly reporting, as well as options for parts only, labor only, or parts & labor service plans. Not only does this help ensure peak performance, it’s also a true insurance policy approach that avoids the need for emergency funds and unbudgeted expenses. Everything from new batteries to replacement units are included, so it’s easy to forget about this equipment, knowing it’s not been forgotten.

The fleet management services offered through Schneider Electric allow data center professionals to focus on their top priority: Supporting the business, not worrying about maintenance for a unit that may be 3 cities, or even 3 states away

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    I’m a city councillor in Burnaby B.C. I’m interested in these services.