Keystone NAP Implements Prefabricated Modular Design for its Advanced Data Center Facility

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It’s no secret that prefabricated, modular data centers offer a number of advantages compared to traditional data center builds, including speed to market, predictability, scalability, and capital preservation.  Keystone NAP has realized these benefits, and more, by partnering with Schneider Electric to design and build the first prefabricated, modular data center in the Northeast that’s capable of meeting the needs of today’s web-scale enterprises.

From its secure site in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Keystone NAP and Schneider Electric have co-developed a unique system of private, modular, and stackable data center vaults that Keystone NAP has called KeyBlocks™.   In order for Keystone NAP to fulfill all of its targets, including space utilization, power profile, cooling functionality, and customer security/privacy, leveraging a prefabricated data center model was key to their success.


With Schneider Electric’s quick and easy to deploy prefabricated IT and Power modules, Keystone NAP is able to meet their customer’s individual needs with an accelerated speed to market.  Located on the site of a former steel mill, Keystone NAP’s advanced data center facility is prepared to facilitate a range of customer needs by deploying individual KeyBlocks on an as-needed basis for each of their clients.


Each KeyBlock can be custom-configured to meet clients’ desired mechanical and electrical infrastructure redundancy, as well as provide an uninterruptable power profile ranging from 100kW all the way up to 400kW.  Not only does each KeyBlock’s modular approach allow for customizable power and cooling configurations, but because each KeyBlock is private and not shared with any other customer, Keystone NAP can offer custom SLAs that address specific cooling, security, and redundancy requirements, as well.


In today’s increasingly digital business environment, there’s no doubt that the demand for more powerful, scalable, flexible, and quickly deployable data centers is an eminent need in the marketplace today.  With Schneider Electric’s innovative, modular solution, Keystone NAP is able to reduce and control customer costs through the just-in-time deployment and implementation of stackable KeyBlocks.  With this, Keystone NAP and Schneider Electric are confident that these KeyBlocks provide the flexibility to meet even the most demanding customer requirements.


The IT world is changing at a break-neck pace, and many enterprises today are seeking flexible and cost effective alternatives to traditional on-premise data centers.  As enterprises realize the benefits of outsourcing their data center needs to cloud, colocation, and managed hosting providers, the market needs to be ready to deliver.  Keystone NAP is already embracing this shift by creating a flexible, scalable, and reliable business model that is the ideal solution for the future of this evolving IT landscape.


To learn more about Keystone NAP, and its partnership with Schneider Electric, please download this live simulcast from Tuesday, November 18, now hosted live: “A Revised Approach to Multi-Tenant Data Center Design, Build, Operations, and Maintenance.”

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