How to Choose a “Server Room in a Box” for Healthcare Facilities

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Guest blog by Debbie Dailey, Business Development Specialist, APC by Schneider Electric

Solutions that act as a “server room in a box,” such as NetShelter CX, fill a need that is only growing in importance, especially in the healthcare arena.   This type of solution is intended to house IT and networking gear that must live in a relatively small space, such as an office environment, medical clinics, and healthcare facilities where there is no dedicated space or where space is a commodity for such equipment.  They are popular because they do that simple job extremely well. And it’s a perfect fit for medical offices and retail clinics given these facilities are typically in pretty tight quarters. All their IT gear can fit in the box and they can put a printer or whatever they like on top, making for an efficient use of space.

The healthcare industry has challenges and needs that very unique. What is important to an office building IT manager is not the same for an eye clinic or dentist’s office. When looking for a solution provider, make sure they have experience working in the healthcare industry. Have they installed the server in medical offices, hospitals, retail clinics and other medical facilities? What are their customers saying about their solution?  Does their solution help you solve your IT challenges? Is it going to help save you money and keep your patients and staff happy?

Look for the following attributes in your “server in a box” solution to help you meet your goals:

  • Quiet – the solution should muffle about 90% of the sound from the equipment they house, so you can work without disturbance.
  • Attractive – if the solution looks like a piece of furniture, it will blend in with the environment.
  • Self-cooled – Choose unit that are fan-cooled, so you don’t need any special air conditioning or venting. In the end, this will save you money on energy costs.
  • Secure – The solution needs to be completely lockable so your equipment is secure. If you require even more security, look for a solution that replaces the key lock with an HID reader with programmable cards so that you will be able to track who is coming and going into the cabinet. And most employees don’t really know or care what that server humming away in the corner is all about, so who knows what may happen to it. Keeping it safe and sound in an enclosure is simply good business.
  • Transportable – In a small space, you might need to move things around often. Choose a unit that is easy to install and is on castor wheels, in case your plans change and you need to move it.
  • Size options – Also look for a solution that has a variety of sizes, such as from 12U to 38U to suit your particular needs. The 12U is perfect for very small SMB’s and the other sizes are suitable for a wide variety of offices, clinics, or medical facilities.

The NetShelter CX has been installed at research and healthcare institutes, children’s hospitals, dentists, and eye clinics. Since it is on wheels, and is secure and quiet, it is the best solution to transport their IT equipment throughout the hospital.  Watch a virtual tour of the Netshelter CX.

You no longer have to let your IT equipment sit in a storage closet at your remote locations and simply hope for the best. With a “server in a box” solution,” you can ensure the equipment is safe and secure. Add a managed UPS, such as SmartUPS, and you can even manage it all remotely.

What criteria do you look for when choosing a server for your healthcare facility? Share your comments below.

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