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Survey Says InfraStruxure Data Centers Deliver Real Savings and Decreased Downtime

We’ve written many times in this blog about the Schneider Electric InfraStruxure data center architecture and how it helps companies build “right-sized” data centers that can grow as business requirements dictate. (See here and here and, for smaller sites, here.)


In many of these posts, we talk about the savings to be had from InfraStruxure as well as the reliability it brings. Well, now we have some proof of those claims, courtesy of a survey conducted for Schneider Electric by Techvalidate.


The survey shows customers are getting real gains from InfraStruxure and other APC by Schneider Electric data center products.
First, customers were asked the primary challenge they were trying to solve with InfraStruxure. The most popular response, at 34%, was data center efficiency, followed by downtime (23%). A few (9%) chose “inability to scale power and cooling capacity.”


Asked to identify the top value element of InfraStruxure, respondents had varying views, with 20% saying agility, 16% citing speed of deployment, another 16% saying pay as you grow and 15% selecting low mean time to repair.


But the vast majority of respondents, nearly 80%, agreed the software component of InfraStruxure – which essentially means data center infrastructure management software – is saving them money by reducing operational costs.  About a quarter or respondents put the savings at 1% to 9%, while 21% said they were saving 10% to 19% and another 21% said 20% to 29%.  Eleven percent of respondents said they were saving 30% or more. Nice.


The software is also reducing unnecessary downtime for most customers, with 21% of respondents reporting it has cut downtime by 75% or more, 8% reporting a drop of 50% to 74% and 17% saying downtime has been cut between 25% and 49%.  A little over half (54%) said downtime has been cut less than 25%.


Perhaps most telling, though, were the open-ended responses to a simple question asking respondents to describe the benefits they’ve experienced from their data center management software.  Here’s a sampling of verbatim responses:


  • Can grow when the new data center does
  • Central management of the data center saves time for me during the day
  • It’s allowed us to quickly identify issues and get them resolved
  • Good graphing and reporting
  • Uptime
  • Flexibility
  • Asset tracking within the data center
  • Remote visibility
  • Central monitoring, cooling and power efficiency
  • Can monitor and get notifications when repairs are needed
  • Seeing current thermal dynamics of our data center space, we are now more able to identify where power consumption is greater per rack, and how easily integrated the monitoring system was into our operations management software.
  • Fast deployment
  • Key benefits are a front-end that we can count on and interface to many systems. Also, being able to view the infrastructure as a whole entity maintaining continuous availability.
  • Works flawlessly, no outages, very happy
  • It’s a great all-in-one solution that you can become adjusted to very quickly
  • The total package was a benefit from cooling to power to management
  • Centralizing support and reducing the number of vendors into the DC is very good.


And as if all that’s not enough, one respondent even commented on the aesthetics of the InfraStruxure architecture:

  • Nice Cabinets


Thanks for the compliment!  Check out our InfraStruxure site to learn more about what a modular data center architecture and state of the art software can do for your data center.



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