Reinvesting through Modernization Services. Say what?

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Every once in a while I try to make a to-do list of everything in my life that could use a tune up or full replacement. For example, I could always tune up my diet, once again make the gym a regular part of my maintenance schedule, and of course get more organized…where did I put my to-do list?  I even debate household and automotive decisions; such as… do I replace my living room carpet or have it professionally cleaned? The debate of course is paying more or less based on other planned expenses, and how much reasonable life is left in the current carpet. The carpet can always be replaced; but my pets, dirty sneakers, and occasional wine spill will continue to soil it. So, the more I can reinvest in my carpet, the nicer it will be, and longer it will respectfully “live” until I eventually have to replace it. The same can be said for data center infrastructure.

So maybe you cannot shampoo your data center UPS or Cooling System and expect it to last longer. Preventive Maintenance is a good plan, but what about when your UPS system becomes older, say 10 or more years of age? As a UPS system ages, the more likely it is to experience component failures. Component failures may result in downtime.

A simple web search on data center downtime could frighten the toughest of business managers. Depending on where you look, and the size of your organization, the average hourly cost of downtime can range from few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars. While business relies on systems to be up, it is the data center and facilities teams that bear the responsibility. The next time the lights flicker or severe weather is forecasted, you probably do not want to think of the old battery box that holds your systems up. Instead, you want to confidently recall the well-maintained modern UPS System that seamlessly supplies your power during a power event.

Sometimes this means the replacement of a UPS system, sometimes it may not.

Schneider Electric offers Modernization Services. Modernization Services are designed to ensure your aging infrastructure is operating at peak performance.

With a mature UPS System that still has five or more years remaining useful life, preventive replacement of critical components can reliably extend the life of the UPS.

When a UPS System approaches End of Service Life (EoSL) the system is recommended to be replaced. EoSL is typically declared 10 years after the last product is manufactured (End of Life). End of Service Life means that the manufacturer may no longer support the need for spare parts, technical support, and other service requirements.

Schneider Electric offers Revitalization Services. Modular Power Revitalization Services (MPRS) benefit customers by affordably extending the reliable life of their aging UPS system. MPRS also improves UPS performance by providing the most current technologies available to the system.

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Schneider Electric also offers Refresh-UPS. Refresh-UPS is a service plan designed for our customers with 3ph UPS approaching end of service life or end of useful life. This service plan includes the turn-key replacement of a 3PH UPS; including the installation, commissioning, removal of previous solution, and a seamless transition of service contracts.

Revitalization Services provide customers with more choices.

So next time we are thinking about what to do with our aging “fill in the blank”, we should think more openly about Services that can affordably extend reliable life, or affordably replace as seamlessly as possible.

Now if only there was a Service to go to the gym for me. I think I left my to-do list there …a few weeks ago.

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  • You market the revitalization service and parts but do not say how it affects the service life of the product. What does the life expectancy of my Symmetra PX 40K s/n PD0608140769 become after this service is performed? How does this service affect the cost of the annual maintenance contract?

  • Hi Don,
    I apologize for the (very) late reply. The revitalization service extends the reliable life of the system at least another 5 years. The service includes a 1 year maintenance contract (Advantage Ultra Service Plan). The plan can be renewed once it expires as long as the UPS is not at End of Service Life.

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