Schneider Electric Acquires AST Modular to Accelerate its Prefabricated Data Center Market Position

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Have you ever heard the expression timing is everything? History is full of products and solutions that were revolutionary but took some time to catch on. Bar codes were invented by Bernard Silver and Norman Woodland in 1948.  The first bar coded item sold was a pack of gum in 1974. What if you decided to bet your entire business on building bar code scanners in 1970?  You would not have survived…..   But if you were Symbol Technologies, and you founded the company in 1973, you timed it perfectly.

Most people think timing is just like luck. It isn’t. Nothing can be further from the truth. Timing is a critical success factor and you can learn to use it to your advantage.

After careful consideration and diligence, Schneider Electric decided this was the perfect time to acquire AST Modular. Why now? Let’s look at some interesting market developments:

  1. Requirement to dramatically compress design and build cycle time to meet business demands – from years to months.
  2. We noticed a dramatic increase in requests for Information/quotation in prefabrication from both enterprises and colocation providers.
  3. Installations of prefabricated data centers have started experiencing much higher growth than “stick built”.

The most expeditious way meet these demands was by acquiring an experienced and proven player in the prefabricated data center market. Luckily for us, an ideal candidate was available – AST Modular. A few data points:

  • Manufacturing & engineering in Barcelona & Miami.
  • First  company to build a Tier III certified multi-module data center.
  • Successfully completed over 450 prefabricated data center projects in over 30 countries.

Now that’s impressive!  We decided this was the time. We are now in a better position to deliver the benefits of prefabrication to our customers, including:

  • Speed of deployment
  • Cost savings throughout entire data center life cycle
  • Hedge against uncertainty
  • Easier to deploy various density and availability in the same data center
  • Reduced component compatibility issues
  • Predictable efficiency
  • Portability
  • Reconfigurability

Did we time it right?  Time will certainly tell…

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