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Equipment compatibility issues go away with prefabricated data center infrastructure

In a business meeting I had today, we were in a conference room and wished to show a PowerPoint on the projector.   It was an older projector and  all of our PC’s were new ones without  RGB connectors.  One of us had an adapter to USB but of course it did not work.   That’s how things work or do not work in today’s digital world.

If you have ever had the experience of designing and building physical infrastructure for your own data center, then you know that sometimes things don’t always go as planned.   One of the potential pitfalls could be your hardware, controls and software not working well together.  For example, your UPS, ATS and generators not coordinating and dropping the load when they are supposed to be supplying your critical back-up power.  How about your servers overheating when your cooling is designed to deliver more than enough capacity.   When things like this happen, you have to call in “system specialists” to work out all of the bugs and these people are hard to find and generally not cheap.   Sometimes the solution may be expensive, require significant time, or may not be possible at all.

Why not leverage highly engineered prefabricated data center IT, cooling and power modules.  Benefits include –

  1. Individual components designed to work together
  2. Assembled as an integrated system in a factory
  3. Tested as an integrated system in a factory
  4. Software and controls are standard
  5. Greatly reduced risk of form/fit/function incompatibility that as a best case is discovered late in the process and worst case can not be solved at all!

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