Business Intelligence: The Corporate Information Factory – proper design yields enterprise-wide effectiveness

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In a previous post, I emphasized that your company’s Business Intelligence technology must be flexible and durable enough to serve the many needs of all of its business units. We at Schneider Electric recognize the broad mission of Business Intelligence by referring to it as the Corporate Information Factory (CIF).

The CIF architecture consists of the primary elements described below, each requiring careful definition and design to best serve your company’s needs .

The Data Warehouse is where all of the company’s information is collected, integrated, and subject to analysis. The design and modeling of this database must accommodate your company’s unique information and be able to respond to queries of ‘what?’, ‘how?’, ‘what if?’, and – key for smart cities projects – ‘where?’ and ‘when?’. It must be capable of different modeling and analysis methods to meet the multiple needs of its users.

Then, the proper Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes allow optimum exploitation of Data Warehouse information, by consolidating information in various operating environments (OLTP) in a unified and integrated way. Duplication and information cleaning, and integrating information elements from various origins, are vital in helping your company detect errors and incongruence in data from energy management operations environments.

Finally, Business Intelligence tools give employees fast, simple, and comfortable access to the information in the Data Warehouse, so they can query, process, and report the information needed. Various tools will be needed to meet different user needs and might include Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Operative Reporting, Balanced Scorecard, Data Mining, and Budgeting/Forecasting.

In our upcoming and final post on Business Intelligence, we’ll speak to minimising risks during implementation of your CIF architecture.

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