New Partner Program Promises to Accelerate Innovation, Help Customers Solve Energy Problems

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In my last post, I wrote about how alliance partnerships would be crucial to helping cities become more sustainable and energy efficient, because they would distribute the risk among a number of players.

Today I am pleased to see Schneider Electric launching the EcoStruxure Technology Partner Program for technology partnerships and its EcoStruxure Alliances Program for global strategic alliance partners. As we bring more awareness to the energy dilemma facing our world, it is clear that partnerships between industry leaders will be instrumental in solving it.  To me, these new programs show Schneider Electric recognizes that partnerships will be at the forefront of energy innovation, and that we are putting the might of our global marketing machine behind global strategic alliances.

The Partner Program will enable others to leverage the Schneider Electric EcostruXure architecture that has emerged over the last few years, so we can make use of the Web Services APIs to develop joint solutions. It means we can leverage technology platforms like the Microsoft Azure Cloud and Cisco’s networking architecture, and it means we can leverage the scale and reach of global system integrators like IBM and others to deploy our solutions more broadly.

The program is intended to drive closer coordination internally among our development, marketing and sales teams so that we can be more effective at collaborating with our alliance partners. It will result in tested and approved solutions that will reduce deployment time and offer multi-vendor standardization. Ultimately, it will reduce integration costs and offer peace of mind to our customers.

Under the EcoStruxure Alliances and Technology Partner program umbrella, we will make these partnerships more visible internally and externally. In short, the programs should accelerate innovation.

By combining our strengths and our understanding of the issues facing customers, we can accelerate our efforts to help cities solve some of their biggest problems, such as:

  • Reducing commute times to make their working population more productive
  • Making more efficient use of resources
  • Engaging citizens more effectively and developing services they know citizens will use, because data mining efforts tell them so
  • Creating a livable, sustainable environment for future generations

The energy dilemma is huge, no doubt. But, in the months and years to come you will see many joint solutions being announced by Schneider Electric and its Alliance Partners to chip away at it. Watch this space.

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