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Get Serious About Energy Efficiency: Get Certified

Various bloggers on this site have written plenty about data center energy efficiency and with good reason, because reducing energy consumption saves dollars – often lots of them.

But if you want to get serious about energy efficiency, it takes more than reading a few blog posts. And Schneider Electric does want you to get serious, so the company is launching a new certification as part of its Energy University. In partnership with the Institute of Energy Professionals, Energy University is now offering Professional Energy Management (PEM) certification.

In case you’re not aware, Energy University is an online educational program that Schneider Electric offers free of charge. It includes dozens of courses in two general areas, Data Center and Energy Efficiency.  (Did I mention all the courses are free?)

The PEM exam is part of the Energy Management Diploma Program provided by North Carolina State University which has been widely used by US federal and state agency candidates as well as corporate energy managers around the country.  The PEM has been around for 33 years, making it the longest running energy management training program in the world. In short, it has credibility. That means anyone who earns PEM certification will not only have gained some valuable knowledge but will own a widely recognized credential.

In the course of earning PEM certification, you’ll learn how to promote efficiency as a means to reduce costs and improve business performance. You’ll also be schooled in how to assemble the resources you need to define an energy efficient solution, sell it to management and implement the plan. You’ll learn how to collect and qualify data, to help prioritize projects.  And what you learn applies not only to data centers but to buildings and factories as well.

Think about the sorts of career opportunities that knowledge can bring. It’s a sign of professional achievement that will enhance your industry credibility, especially after you start putting what you learn into practice – and saving your company (or others) real money.

Previously taking all the courses you need to complete the PEM certification meant attending a traditional classroom program. Now you can get them all online and, once again, free of charge. That means you can complete them as your schedule allows, without having to spend time away from work or home – or worrying about how to pay for them.

When you’re ready, you can sign up for the exam, download it and take 30 days to finish it. It’s an open book exam, so you’ll be able to refer to your Energy University coursework as much as you want. There is a $400 fee to take the exam, but if you manage to answer 70% of the 100 questions correctly, your certification will be good for 3 years.

Visit Energy University to learn more about PEM certification and all the other courses offered through this valuable resource.

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