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Data Center Operations Rely on Communication between Facility Management and IT

A partnership between these two groups will ensure the best possible data center design that takes into consideration the long-term needs of both operational areas, say R. Stephen Spinazzola and David DiQuinzio of RTKL.

First, FM and IT must be on the same page when it comes to performance objectives and measures of success, which should be aligned with the overall mission, values, and goals of their organization. Such alignment results when they communicate with each other without falling back on the jargon of their respective disciplines and, instead, share a common and comprehensible vocabulary. They must appreciate each other’s particular challenges, which differ in their respective departments, and they must also acknowledge their interdependence. Also key is to hone in on performance objectives and success measures that they agree on and then present them in easy-to-understand language to the organization’s executives.

Second, FM and IT must work together to understand risk analysis and assessment and develop possible strategies for solving a range of problems, say Spinazzola and DiQuinzio. Such an approach entails going above and beyond analysis based on the tier-rating system for data centers to understand their organization’s particular needs; analyzing failure rates and the effects of equipment failures; and thinking outside the box when it comes to addressing risks.

Last, the partnership between IT and FM must permeate both departments, through clear communication to all staff on all shifts in both areas of operation, say Spinazzola and DiQuinzio. An effective FM and IT partnership, cemented by a team approach to data center design, takes into account each staff member’s role and decides ahead of time how to determine the who, what, when, where, and how of any critical event that might occur. The team must also have a notification plan in place for both FM and IT management and should carry out a post-event evaluation to prevent any adverse event from occurring again.

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