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Schneider Electric at Cisco House: A Transformational Experience

So, when asked to participate as a headline sponsor in the Cisco House in London, I knew it would be a good strategic move for Schneider Electric, but a transformational experience?  I wasn’t so sure.

You see, the theme of the House, which by the way has sweeping vistas of Olympic Park, is business transformation.  We teamed up with Cisco to demonstrate our shared vision of the near future and to stimulate fresh thinking on how network platforms offer new and innovative ways for countries, cities and organizations to drive growth and efficiency.  It is meant to offer an inspirational experience created to illustrate transformational opportunities today and in the future.

After a visit to the House today, I have to say, our partners at Cisco have truly outdone themselves on this one.  With a 20,000 square foot world-class business showcase center, a ‘Virtual Tube Journey’ hosted by famous British comedian Stephen Fry, and an Inspiration Theatre featuring top partner executives sharing their thoughts on the future of technology for enterprises, cities, countries and society in general, the experience rivals an Olympic event for technologists!   For our part, Schneider Electric presents Smart City best practices and case studies across five markets: IT, Buildings, Power, Energy, and Industry, and we are offering our support to the House to help reduce energy consumption by combining our building management systems and energy management software into a central dashboard where Cisco House technical teams can manage the various House systems.

Our goal at Cisco House is to give Cisco’s guests a sense of how they can reduce energy costs by implementing simple solutions and new business models across the energy flow, from the grid, to the buildings, and the entire city.  In working with Cisco on this business transformation experience for our customers, we have also transformed our partnership.  What began as a technology partnership in business networks and data centres has now transformed into a much broader partnership providing value to our customers in areas we couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago.

So, did Cisco House hit the mark as a transformational experience for Schneider Electric and our customers?  Indeed.

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  1. Jim O'Donnell

    The team at Cisco House is pleased to have Schneider Electric as a key alliance partner providing sustainability solutions to the House. The transformation experience at Cisco House wouldn’t be possible without the support or our world-class partner ecosystem. Using the network as a platform for energy management, Schneider Electric and Cisco really bring the best of the IT and industrial worlds together for our mutual customers- be they enterprises, cities or even countries.