Customer Success Stories

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evolution lisboa connected hotel

Evolution Lisboa – A Connected Hotel Enhancing the Guest Experience through an EcoXpert Partner

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Alabama Colocation Provider Finds a Better Approach to Data Center Management

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two men in colocation providers China Unicom

China Unicom’s Growth Strategy Relies on Schneider Electric for Data Center Operations

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EcoStruxure IT App in Colocation Data Center

How To Get Full Data Center Visibility – Even Underground

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smart building

Is Your Building Designed to Help People Thrive?

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To Compete Globally, Dallas County looks to Efficiency to Fund Long-Term Infrastructure Plans

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Digitization Helps Machine Builder Reinvent Their “Business Model” to Bring Sustainable Energy to the World

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Data Center

Yes, Data Center Flexibility and Standardization are Possible

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data center

EcoStruxure Helps Colocation Giant Digital Realty Manage Rapid Growth, Reap Big Savings

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K-12 school district funds athletic ambitions thanks to energy efficiency . . . and you can too

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Energy Efficiency at Renaissance Suzhou Wuijang

Marriott Drives Energy Efficiency While Delivering an Inspired Guest Experience

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Roy Hill: A Digital Mining Transformation & Digital Strategy Success Story

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customer centric

What B2B customer centricity looks like in action

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How innovative SF6-free medium voltage switchgear improves sustainability at E.ON

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Schneider's IoT hotel solutions help Le Meridien Goa provide a flawless guest experience.

IoT Hotel Solutions Help Le Méridien Goa, Calangute Achieve a Trifecta

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Archer Daniels Midland Foxboro pH Senors

Rebuildable pH Sensors Reduce Costs and Improve Performance

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Bristol Airport Building Management System

Bristol Airport Meets Growing Energy Demands Increase Integration, Efficiency and Control of HVAC

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How Dow Corning upgraded to improve operational efficiency and profitability

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The Power Management System Fueling The Future Of Pediatric Healthcare

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Aracruz Production Improvement

World’s Largest Pulp Producer Increases Capacity Through Schneider Solution

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Xcellerex Efficient Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Schneider Electric Helps Xcellerex Revolutionize the Efficient Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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WWT Facility where you can test your data center design

Try Before You Buy: Build your Data Center Design at World Wide Technology’s Advanced Innovation Center

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Healthcare Maintenance Savings

EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare* solution enables Regionservice Skane to save $2.8 million annually

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Austin Energy ADMS

Austin Energy leverages EcoStruxure™ ADMS to improve energy efficiency

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Zhiguli Valley Smart Building Data Center

EcoXpert™ partnership delivers a state-of-the-art smart building

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How smart technology is transforming the industrial world

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Core Computing Center Data Center Cooling

Core Computing Center saved 30% in power and cooling energy costs with Schneider Electric’s InfraStruxure solution

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China Unicom: Zero operational interruptions through 24/7 services support

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Denison University F.W. Olin Science Hall’s Energy Efficiency Transformation

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Alabama Colocation Provider Finds a Better Approach to Data Center Management

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Where is the Evidence that Digitization is Indeed Working?

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Networking cables

DartPoints Offers New Option for Colocation at the Edge

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How Manufacturing can Harness Digital Innovation and Reap the Benefits of Growth

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Sumner Regional Medical Healthcare Facility Upgrade

EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare solution gives medical center potential savings of over $1.6 million over a 15-year period

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How a School District’s Broken Boiler Created Millions in Savings . . . and Transformed Classrooms

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data center safe

Powerful solutions keep data center safe, secure, and always on

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