GDPR: Outlining the Basic Requirements and Opportunities for Colocation Providers

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group of people in an office

Wi-Fi-as-a-service: An Emerging Opportunity for Telecom Provider ITS Fiber

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Kao Data

Flexibility is Key for Meeting Colocation Customer Requirements at Kao Data

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QTS Hyperscale Data Center Lobby

Why Market Collaboration is Imperative in the Hyperscale Data Center Era

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Colocation Webinar

Webinar: How Prefabricated Data Centers Help Colocation Providers Keep up With Demand for Capacity

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Top 2 Ways AI Will Change Your Data Center Forever

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colocation provider using hyperpod

Colocation Providers Reduce Spend of Deployment by 20% with HyperPod – a Rack-ready System

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Alabama Colocation Provider Finds a Better Approach to Data Center Management

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Conceptual background- Artificial intelligence / humans and cyber-business (detailed with millions of small binary code)

AI and Machine Learning: Key Challenges in Colocation Data Center Market

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woman and man in colocation data center

Women with Data Center Experience: The Construction Industry Needs You

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two men in colocation providers China Unicom

China Unicom’s Growth Strategy Relies on Schneider Electric for Data Center Operations

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3 Influencers Driving Demand for Colocation Data Center Growth

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Next Generation Colocation: T5 Opens Up To Customers with StruxureWare DCIM

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Visualizing Power Architecture with StruxureWare Data Center Operation for Co-location

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DCIM software

DCIM: A Powerful Tool to Address Data Center Issues that Virtualization Brings

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Secure Power Solutions Must Be Adaptable to Specific Industry Needs

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4 Ways IronGate is Hitting Colocation’s New Sweet Spot

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DCIM For a More Distinct Flavour of Colocation Service

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data center

Data is the New Oil, Driving Data Center Growth, Opportunity and Efficiency

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TCO Analysis May Favor Owning vs. Outsourcing, but there’s More to the Data Center Story

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What’s new for Co-location Service Providers in StruxureWare for Data Centers?

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We’re Bringing Applications Home to a New Hybrid Data Center Environment

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Jim Masterson, CEO LightEdge

How Hybrid Cloud Approaches are Driving Colocation to the Edge

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Monitoring Energy Savings to Prove ROI using DCIM

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When One Size Doesn’t Fit All: 5G Will Use Different Frequency Spectrums for Different Applications

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How Schneider Electric is helping Cloud and Co-location Service Providers meet their business requirements

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Powering an Efficient Colocation Facility: Green Mountain

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Helping Internal Colocation Service Providers Manage Multi-Tenant Environments More Effectively

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efficiency measures

How Renewables and Efficiency Measures Will Help Colo’s Meet Burgeoning Energy Demands

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Alabama Colocation Provider Finds a Better Approach to Data Center Management

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colocation data center

Future-proofing Colocation Data Center Growth with Intelligent Management Tools

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Schneider Electric partners with TierPoint on a hyper-fast data center build.

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Outlining the Role of M&As and Partnerships in the Era of Colocation “Davids” and “Goliaths”

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colocation providers

How Sustainability, DCIM and the Open Compute Project Present Opportunity for Colocation Providers

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connected homes

How Connectivity Will Control Everything We Know: Part 4

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Augmented Reality is the Killer App for Colocation Data Center Service and Maintenance

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