5 Tips To Help You Make Your Home Go Ethnic This Diwali!

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Why is Home Automation perfect for diwali

Diwali is just around the corner and the festive buzz is getting higher with each passing day. Everyone is gearing up to adorn their houses to celebrate this festival of lights and prosperity.  It is definitely the season of fun, food, and laughter. Everyone tries to decorate their house in the best way possible. And what could be better than doing just that but the ‘smart’ way?

Smart Home Automation is the perfect way to not only upgrade and simplify your living but also to decorate and jazz up your house with sophistication. So this time as India prepares for Diwali, opt for Home Automation and keep the festive spirit alive for long.

Why is Home Automation perfect for diwali?

Diwali is marked by decorative lights, candles, and diyas. Another major side to this festival is the use of fire-crackers. While high use of lights leads to high consumption of electricity and a humongous electricity bill at the end of the month, diyas and candles require constant attention and attending. They require extra care in order to avoid any accident and they also require constant re-filling. So, it is definitely not hard to understand why a smart home is a wiser option for this occasion.

Some key points to highlight few other benefits of Home Automation in India are:

  • It is energy-efficient. It allows you to choose how much power consumption you would want and for how long.
  • It is very convenient as it comes with many options. You can dim it or brighten it whenever you want as per your mood.
  • It allows you to perfectly prepare your house for any occasion, festival, or gathering, without having to toil the entire day.
  • It will be of a great benefit to children , senior citizens, or differently-abled people around.
  • It allows you to control everything from one location with the help of your mobile phone and voice .This means you have everything organised at one place which helps dealing with any kind of unexpected situations.
  • It lets you celebrate diwali just the way it should be- happy and comfortable with your loved one.

While we are now sure of the comfort and style of your home, let us check out some easy ways to add the perfect authentic ethnic touch to your home.

  • Make a rangoli! Rangoli is a traditional Indian floor art that uses patterns and designs to depict joy and celebration. Rangoli instantly brightens up the entire house. It is also a fun activity to do with the rest of the members.
  • Flowers are an integral part of diwali. Use colourful seasonal flowers in interesting ways to add a unique ethnic touch to your home. You can make a flower chandelier or a flower carpet. You can also use flower petals as coasters, floor carpets, etc.
  • Prepare traditional sweets and an elaborate ethnic cuisine. Nothing helps flaunt one’s roots like food. A traditional platter is an exciting topic for conversations and it is also a great way to show humility and grace.
  • Make everyone present in the house take part in the rituals. Diwali evenings always start with offering prayers and gratitude to the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi. Include everyone in the ceremonial prayer offering and try to assign each one a small responsibility. This way everyone feels like a part of the group and gets the opportunity to understand traditions better.
  • Arrange for folk games that you played while growing up. Board games are very popular in diwali gatherings so you can also include some popular festive board games as well. Also, ask your guests to share the folk games that they used to play.

Diwali is a fun festival that celebrates togetherness. It brings people together and binds them with love and security. So this diwali, let everything else take a back seat while you celebrate relationships and traditions at a safe and secure home.