How Frequently You Should Get your Electrical Fittings Checked

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In practical terms, individuals should consider getting their electrical fittings checked based on how old their building is and the total number of appliances it eventually supports. Periodic inspection involves carrying out checks and related testing to ensure that all the electrical fittings such as switches, sockets, mcbs, rccbs are working fine at their maximum efficiency and output. This periodic check should effectively throw light on any evident defects, potential damages, risky conditions, and any non-compliance with prevailing safety levels that could lead to a hazardous situation. In an ideal situation, individuals should carry out an inspection on an annual basis. The importance of carrying out an electrical inspection every year can be elaborated as below –

Safety from Potential Surges

 Surges are common phenomena across different areas, especially in the case of hostile weather and environments. Electrical surges can not only ruin your appliances like switches and sockets but can also lead to multiple short circuits in your house.


 In most cases, an electric short circuit is a reason behind the cause of a disastrous fire in a building. These short circuits in most cases are generated by the presence of loose wiring in the meters or cabling itself. During these inspections, the respective inspector can easily identify these mishaps and get them rectified at the soonest.

Electrical Shocks

 Although the impact of electric shocks is not completely disastrous, there is still some human risk in terms of a short-term injury. Apart from this hazard, the current in an electrical appliance can additionally easily hinder its effective performance or in some cases render it completely obsolete or non-functional. An electrical inspector can easily detect these faults in the wiring system in enough time to amend them.

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  • Kriti Prabhakar

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    To maintain adequate safety standards, testing and inspection should be carried out every 5 years for businesses and every 10 years, at least, for private homes.

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  • Kriti Prabhakar

    4 years ago

    Electrical faults can potentially destroy many lives due to overloads or short circuits, and to protect from overloads & short circuit, an MCB is used.

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    Interesting piece 🙂

  • Electrical faults often lead to fires and death. #SchneiderElectric is doing a great job at protecting homes #SEGreatPeople

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