Why it is Important to have an RCCB in a Distribution Board

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While electricity has become a critical component of everyone’s lives, the fact of the matter is, it comes with its own dangers to human life and equipment. Electrocution and fire are the two primary risks correlated with electricity, one simply cannot be careless when it comes to safeguarding equipment.

A Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) is one of the many safety measures when it comes to the stability of electrical circuits. It is essentially a current sensing device, which can automatically measure and disconnect any circuit in the situation of a fault occurring in the respective circuit, or the current crosses the rated sensitivity.  An RCCB strives to protect any person from the fatality of electric shocks, along with electrocution and fires. RCCB’s are particularly effective in instances of a sudden earth fault. The function of RCCB ensures that in such cases, the circuit will trip swiftly and the person is therefore safeguarded from an electric shock.

RCCB operates on the principle of Kirchhoff’s law, which states that an incoming current must be equal to the outgoing current in a circuit. RCCB, therefore, measures the difference in current values between the live and neutral wires. In an ideal situation, the current flowing to the circuit from the live wire should be equal to that of the current flowing through the neutral wire. In the case of a fault, the current from the neutral wire is lowered, and the differential between the two is referred to as Residual Current. Upon detecting a Residual Current, an RCCB is induced to trip off the circuit.

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    RCCB’s provides protection from small current leakage which may arise due to accidental touch by human being or insulation failure. This is not possible by MCB or fuse alone.

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