Specifications of Neo Switch and How to Install it

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Switches have been a critical element of our lives for a long time. They are arguably the most important device in an electric system irrespective of whether we are talking about residential, commercial, or industrial infrastructure setups. This invaluable device can be elaborated as an electronic device that is effectively used to disable and then subsequently restart the flow of electricity or electric current to a specific appliance. In layman’s terms, a switch is essentially implemented to administer and control the functionality of an electronic circuit. Thus, it can be easily concluded that switches and sockets are important for buildings. The functioning and applicability of switches have consistently grown over the years.

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Schneider Electric is one of the leading players in this established realm of electrical switches & sockets. They have further cemented this position and reputation of theirs, by extending their product and service offerings online as well. A prominent range of Schneider switches which can be viewed and bought through the e-commerce platform is the Neo switch.

 Neo shares its avant-garde & contemporary design and modern with the internationally recognized and acclaimed NEO Intelligent Switch which had gone on to win multiple awards in global nations such as Australia and the USA. New-age horizontal dollies are a clear-cut example of cutting edge innovation which will always attract those wishing to stay ahead of changing trends. Its material faceplate is inflammable, shock-proof, and bullet-proof as well. A smooth, silver spot-welded contact and silver-brass alloy bridge coupled with a robust spring puncher design ensure quicker contact-making/breaking and significantly reduced arc generation

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Additionally, the double thickness of mounting hole prevents any risks of damage during installation. Oval-shaped mounting hole ensures easy fixing and level adjustment, while a durable web-grid increases the rigidity of the plate. If you are looking to buy switches online, Neo is definitely one of the top choices.