Bright ideas: The Best Smart Switches and Sockets for your Home

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A switch is an integral component of any power system, be it for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes. This essential device can be elaborated on as an electronic appliance that is employed to obstruct and then subsequently restart the flow of electricity or electric current. These type of devices are known as binary devices, which fundamentally means that they can be in two states – either completely off or completely on. In simpler terms, a switch is an electronic device which is used to control the functionality of an electronic circuit. Thus, it can be easily deducted that switches and sockets are significant for infrastructure and the functionality and applicability of these devices have just evolved in recent years with the growth in automation & technology.

Schneider Electric is just one of the many players in the realm of electrical switches & sockets. Over the past few years, this Schneider has established itself as one of the top businesses in a wide array of domains, such as – Digital Transformation of Energy Management & Automation in Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure, and Industries. It is critical to point out that it has amplified its business on online platforms, through the creation of an e-commerce website domain. E-commerce enables easy and time-effective services to interested consumers. Some of the prominent offerings in the domain of electrical switches and sockets include –

Livia Switch

 ‘Switch’ to the extraordinary range of electrical products with the Livia range of switches and sockets. The design is sleek & stylish – the plate is just 2.7 mm thick and its curved body help avoid the situation of dust accumulation. It is equally reliable and has a high-grade heat resistant polycarbonate. The culmination of these points along with the ease of installation & operation presents Livia as one of the ideal options to consider.

Neo Switch

 This range of switches shares its elegant design with the internationally acclaimed Neo Intelligent Switch that has won multiple worldwide awards. The sleek silver covering ensures lesser chances of damage caused by heat and shock. Additionally, the transparent polycarbonate enables easy viewing of mechanical functions.

Opale Switch

 This range of switches & sockets, curated by Schneider Electric, has been composed and designed by top-notch international leaders, who have made a notable effort in integrating the needs and tastes of the local markets. The Schneider Opale range gives extraordinary ease and convenience of usage along with installation, and elevated freedom to the customer.

Zencelo Switch

 The patented “impress” (iso-motionpress) mechanism ensures that the switch dolly remains in a stationary when it is “on” or “off”, and at the same time occupying a much smaller area.

Enabled by the impress mechanism, ZENcelo makes the future flatter than you ever imagined.