5 Tips for Choosing the Best Modular Switches and Sockets

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When planning and setting up your home, there multiple points of attention to cater to, ranging from furniture and furnishings to electronic devices and their consequent set-ups. This is where the role of electrical switches and sockets comes into play. These features effectively act as a link between the user and the appliance connected to it, since switches essentially stop and start an electric circuit. Some of the standout tips to consider while choosing modular switches and sockets can be elaborated on below.


It goes without saying, it is important to consider the design and aesthetics of any appliance in your home. All leading giants in the industry offer an array of different designs, each catering to a distinct taste of style.

Quality of Materials 

One of the other important aspects for interested buyers is to look at the type of material that is used in making the switches and sockets. Furthermore, modern electrical brands specialise in making fire and shock resistant switches and sockets. These appliances can notably reduce the risk of electrical fires in the home and office settings.

Connectivity & Accessibility 

In today’s day and age, most of us have friends and family members living abroad. In most cases, when they come over for a holiday, they have to carry or purchase, adapters and extensions to plug-in their phones and/or laptops. Modern modular switches effectively solve this problem by offering support for multiple pin-types.

Child Safety

 Electrical safety is a fundamental concern for households consisting of youngsters and/or toddlers. Modular switches offer enhanced safety in comparison to conventional socket designs for children with retracting shutters and support for devices which can automatically disconnect current flow when accidents are detected.

Repair & Replacement

In the traditional form, replacing faulty switches is full of hassles. Commonly, the entire faceplate needs to be unscrewed, then the faulty switch is taken out and replaced, and then the face plate is put back in place. Often, lifting the face plate can damage the wallpaper or paint around it, giving a tarnished look to your carefully planned decor. New modular electrical switches and sockets offer a more convenient solution. Instead of detaching the whole plate, a faulty electrical switch can be replaced by a front-loading mechanism that enables easy disconnection of a particular switch or socket on the plate.

Schneider Electric is just one of the many players in the realm of electrical switches & sockets. It is essential to point out that it has expanded its business on online platforms, through the creation of an e-commerce website domain. The prominent ranges offered include – Livia Switch, Neo Switch, Zencelo Switch, Ulti Switch, Clipsal X, Avtar On and Unica Pure.


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