Style and Design your Home Online With Schneider

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Over the years, Schneider Electric has established itself as one of the leading businesses in the domain of Digital Transformation of Energy Management and Automation in Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries.  With a comprehensive global presence across over  100 countries, Schneider is a global leader in the spheres of Power Management – Medium Voltage, Low Voltage and Secure Power, and in Automation Systems. Their primary offerings include integrated efficiency solutions, combining energy, automation and software.

Schneider has expanded their business onto an e-commerce domain as well, aiming to offer convenient and time-effective services to their consumers. As of now, they have essentially focused on selling their electrical switches online, along with electrical protection and control devices. To increase customer personalisation, the website has a section named ‘design your own space online,’ which fundamentally allows users to mix and match different switches and sockets on their online portal itself. The switch categories which can be viewed and explored in the ‘design your own space online’ section can be explained as below –


‘Switch’ to the new-age era of electrical products with the Livia range of switches and accessories. The name Livia itself originates from the Latin word Olive, which is commonly known to be a symbol of peace. The Livia switch aims to enable a life which is stylish, pleasant, and peaceful at the same time. This switch category is a visual delight with high & reliable functionality, wide & complete range, and a well-crafted interior.


 One of the most unique aspects of the Zencelo switch is the fact that it is the world’s first range of full flat switches. This line was designed for people who live a tasteful life, and at the same time appreciate the most sophisticated designs as well as the simplest. Clear of all extra and unnecessary designs and protrusions, it seamlessly blends in with every contemporary yet simplistic décor.


The Opale switch range has been designed and curated by international designers, who have made a genuine effort in inculcating the needs of the local market. This range gives exceptional ease and flexibility of usage along with installation, and freedom to the customer.

Schneider’s effort to inculcate aspects of e-commerce and personalisation of services must be lauded. The interface and design of the website are easy to understand and allows users to simulate the products in a host of different ways before making a purchase. This feature definitely motivates users to buy electrical switches online since Schneider switches are generally in high demand, making it beneficial for both the seller and buyer to step into the realm of e-commerce.