List of Features And Advantages Of Modular Switches

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Modular switches are at par from the traditional switches in households. The latest variety of electrical switches are relatively convenient, safe and easy to use. Having modern-day electric switches serve multiple purposes. Moreover, having it in place adds to a number of advantages like:

Elegant Design: Modular switches are available in various designs, styles, finishes and colours. These switches are stylish, appealing and designed to complement the interiors of the home and office as well. Having their versatile designing makes them a good fit for every design and people wish to opt for. People in the process of building new homes, or renovating their existing homes can look for designer switch plates, glass switch plates, colour blocked switch plates, etc.

Safe to Operate: One of the principal grounds for switching to modular switches is safety. The conventional switches were exposed to metal screws and wiring which stood a chance of causing a mishap or shock. On the other hand, the modular switches are free from any metallic parts on the switchboard. These switches ensure that there is no risk of electrical shock. Moreover, it is a sigh of relief for households with children. These switches are crafted out of high-quality material without any metal parts on the front face. Moreover, the sockets are shuttered which ensure that the children don’t hurt themselves accidentally.

Multi-Functional: The modular switches can be used for different applications, like automation, security and data transmission. These switches can be installed in different parts of the building in order to serve the different application. However, the main application of modular switches is to carry out heavy-duty applications. These switches offer immense flexibility as they are easy to install and remove.

Now that the advantages of having modular switches are clear, it is essential to know where can one find such switches. If one wishes to buy electrical switches online, it is essential to buy from a company that has a long standing in this field. One such company is Schneider Electric India offering a plethora of electrical switches which fits the need and requirement of every household. The range of Schneider switches include

  • NEO, which is a standalone residential lighting controller
  • ULTI, the range of dimming controllers
  • Opale, which is a range of satin finish switches for domestic installation
  • ZENcelo is the range of flat switches for people who wish to style their home in vogue

One can check for the entire range and price of switches online at Schneider eCommerce store and pick the best fit.


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