Smart cities solutions are offering excellent opportunities to build winning partnerships!

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Over the past few years, business partners like resellers, system integrator, panel, and machine builders become integral part of the demand fulfillment ecosystem. While OEMs leveraging e-commerce platforms to improve their ability to sell directly to customer, having business partners really worked well. The pressure to deliver above market growth is pushing OEMs to innovate in ever-changing marketplace – a smart marketplace. Smart Cities are using technology to manage the essentials of infrastructure so as to provide the best living experience of citizens. Smart cities clearly show the convergence of mega trends; urbanization & digitization. There is growing demand for digitally connected devices. It is impacting the ways of doing business.

To bring growth, OEMs are looking to reach customers to offer smart digital enabled solutions by working with them. Apart from the competitive advantage, OEMs needs to better equip them to respond quickly to the happenings in marketplace. While most OEMs, understand the need to adapt to the marketplace, there is ever challenging need to invest to enable the partners managing indirect sales channels. The OEMs do need to understand that partner activities are moving fast. Partners are interested towards more of system integration rather to do pure transactional sales.  Partners equally looking forward to become part of their customer’s user experience; they are exploring opportunities to provide more service in simple and competitive ways.

Here are some inputs on how OEMs can build winning partnerships so as to keep the differentiation in market place;

  • First movers advantage : Motivating partners  to be the trend leader in the industry. Enabling them to be simple and effective in providing smart solutions to customers.
  • Reaching new customers : supporting partner to gain access and extend to reach to the upcoming growth market of digitization. As the reach of solution would get widespread , the partner do find smaller customers interested in buying the desired solutions. The way to address their need essentially would remain with channels.
  • Up skill :   empower partners so as to deliver full package value and services to  their customers. Apart from the product value ; the partners must be skilled to offer the value propositions to the customers.

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