Grand Medica gains healthcare facilities efficiencies with EcoStruxure™ and an EcoXpert™ partnership

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Building a state-of-the-art healthcare facility is no easy task. Creating one inside a building that was never meant to be a hospital in the first place? That’s even harder. But that’s where the story started for Grand Medica, in Novokuznetsk, Siberia. Providing every patient with the highest quality medical care required the development of a fully connected facility.

Connected to quality care

The design and construction teams knew they wanted an effective, integrated system — one that covered all the needs of a healthcare facility and would prove flexible enough to support future upgrades and modernization. They found everything they needed in EcoStruxure for Healthcare.

“When we were choosing our electric and power supply equipment vendor, we talked with all the industry leaders in Russia,” said Chief Engineer Andrey Sergeev. “Schneider Electric offered us the best and most comprehensive terms for delivery, installation, project management, and cost-effectiveness.

Grand Medica embraces revolutionary technology

Together with Schneider Electric, the team implemented Building Information Modeling (BIM) beginning at the design stage. This helped inform and streamline all aspects of the project. “We are the only organization in Russia to use BIM at all stages of the building’s life cycle,” Sergeev said. “It provided us with objective information about capital construction costs as well as future operational costs.”

“EcoStruxure was a very important component in creating Grand Medica’s BIM model,” said Aleksandr Sutyagin, CEO of Comfort Laboratory, a long-time Schneider Electric certified EcoXpert partner in building management systems and light and room control automation. “This is a revolutionary technology that’s going to change the entire construction process in the future.”

Schneider Electric acted as Grand Medica’s partner from the design phase to completion and implementation of their chosen solution. “Schneider participated practically at all stages of our project life cycle,” said Sergeev. “With them, we were able to optimize not just our labor costs, but also the next stage of operations. Schneider Electric’s expertise helped us meet all our needs.”

Partnering for success

As a certified EcoXpert partner in building management systems and light and room control solutions, Comfort Laboratory was called in as the system integrator on the project. “With the EcoStruxure architecture, the Grand Medica team can see the whole system,” Sutyagin explained. “They have a single platform that covers all the systems that EcoStruxure touches.”

2019 Digital Transformation Benefits Report

With EcoStruxure for Healthcare solutions in place, Grand Medica realized:

  • Complete engineering systems management
  • Remote system access with real-time control
  • 20% reduction in electrical operating costs
  • One-third reduction in thermal energy consumption

The hospital staff sees the benefit of the new system in the way it improves the level of care. Chief Physician Georgy Zoloev said, “This is a high-tech medical center. We have the medical technologies and equipment to perform cardiovascular surgery, oncology, laparoscopic operations — as well as the stability of the hospital’s essential services.”

  • 20% reduction in electrical operating costs

Providing peace of mind

According to Sergeev, EcoStruxure allows Grand Medica to manage all its engineering and facility systems quickly, safely, and with complete, connected visibility. That, in turn, translates into a quality experience for patients and staff.

“The life and health of our patients are directly related to the quality of our engineering systems,” he said. “Having EcoStruxure behind us gives us peace of mind and a feeling of security. Our patients don’t see our engineering systems, and they don’t have to — there are no questions about the safety of the hospital. We can give them a sense of care and security not just when they’re being treated, but also whenever they are here, and for whatever reason. That’s one of the genuine and important benefits of EcoStruxure.”

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