Healthcare Mobile Apps Must-Haves: Benefits for All

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In our last blog, we discussed the benefits of mobile apps for patients and seniors. But the upsides don’t stop there—facility managers, medical professionals, and executives can also benefit from the adoption of adaptable mobile apps in healthcare facilities.

Healthcare Mobile Apps Must Haves Benefits for All Schneider Electric

Healthcare Mobile Apps for Nurses

Adaptable apps promise to create new advantages for medical professionals, especially nurses and physicians. For example, with individual patient control over the room environment through a bedside tablet, nurses no longer need to be called to change the temperature, close the blinds, or dim lighting. Patients can now do those themselves, freeing nurses to focus on clinical tasks and improving patient care, which in turn leads to increased staff efficiency, improved retention rates, and job satisfaction.

Healthcare Mobile Apps for Facility Managers

Facility managers stand to benefit from another side of adaptable mobile apps— largely, through operational efficiency. An adaptable mobile app can allow facility managers to stay better-connected to their buildings’ infrastructure, anywhere and anytime. By providing mobile connectivity to the building management system, facility managers can easy monitor the system for critical data, such as energy usage, building occupancy, upcoming maintenance, and infrastructure service capacity. A better-connected facility manager makes for a more efficient facility. Problems can be addressed quickly, and caught before they turn into big issues— keeping patients safe and staff on task, and ensuring the hospital remains in proper working order 24/7/365.

Healthcare Mobile Apps for Executives

Executives and administrators can also benefit from adoption of adaptable mobile apps. Access to important data via their smart phone enables executives to keep an eye on statistics like room and bed availability and track progress toward corporate energy and sustainability goals. On the go access to this information can help executives make well-informed business decisions whenever and wherever they need to.

With benefits that extend across the Healthcare organization, a compelling case is made for healthcare facilities to adopt adaptable mobile applications in the near future. Many facilities either have already invested in smart phones or tablets that have the capacity to run these applications, or will be doing so in the near future, as the increase in Healthcare mobile technology is expected to increase. In light of these changes, hospitals and other facilities should seriously consider the benefits of investing in adaptable apps— because the payoff, in dollars, care improvements, and patient satisfaction, should prove to be well worth it.

Download our white paper, “Using Mobile Applications for Improved Hospital Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction” to find out more about the benefits of adaptable mobile apps for healthcare professionals and technical staff. Or, for more information or a free demo about adaptable mobile app solutions for healthcare facilities, contact Estelle Schweizer.

Readers who work in healthcare: how has mobile technology helped you in your job? Tell us in the comments below!

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