Digitization of Health

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digitization of healthTechnology; like a chef who cooks new tastes in a fast changing enviroment to make our lives better by pushing us to try new tastes and to have smarter cuisines… As technology chef’s latest special; digitalization has already been the biggest and richest plate on our tables…

Digitization; the integration of digital technologies to our daily lives… Due to accelerating trends of technological developments in last 30 years; it’s easy to say that in close future business enterprises and information technologies will be more efficient and smarter by automation, artificial intelligence and robots.

And what about the digitization in healthcare?

This sector’s key question of last years is “Will digitization be the gate through transformation of healthcare applications?” Absolutely yes! As digitization effects every corner of our lives; it is imperious to see it’s effects on healthcare applications…

In a planet over 7 billions of people; there are more than 4 billions connected people via internet. Improvements in mobile healthcare technologies are not surprise; they affect our daily lives during all our habbits. As humanity started to use more mobile applications in their daily lives; by 2014 the installation of mobile applications increased 3 times more than the installation numbers of 2011. As at least half of the smart device users (approximately 4 billions people) are expected to use healthcare applications in their devices; it is expected to deepen the relation between digitization and healthcare sector.

Now, let’s check the digital applications we have nowadays… As houses get smarter they also start to incluede some healthcare features. For example, there are systems which help old people with poor memories to have some visiual, audible and video reminder alarms to keep on doing their daily routines… As these systems can be controlled upon a tablet or a wall mounting touch panel; upon wi-fi they can be also configured with users’ smart devices.

As all buildings and devices get smarter by technology, the way of people’s usage of digitization also changes their life styles. In most of conditions, diagnosis and therapies in early phases are critically important. Nowadays there are big investments on the digital methodologies of analysis for some diseases such as malaria, HIV and blood values. By these investments; people will be able to share their analysis results with doctors via digital and this will make it possible to have remote diagnosis and therapies.

Healthcare applications; in your house and whereever you are… To make some diagnosis and therapy features come to your life… And as a bonus track; they are in every phase of your daily routines; step & calorie counter fitness app’s, app’s to measure your blood pleasure etc… Even more; app’s to calculate your blood sugar, to measure if you have urinalysis or not, to state liver problems, pregnancy status and also pain killer app’s and app’s that takes photos to run the processes.

As health is one of the prior subjects with human touch; it’s inevitable for application developers to focus on these healthcare app’s. Future promises us more in this sector; wearable technologies is an area where are lots of technology investors. Google’s Glass, Argus II which was developed for blind patients and which helps them to have ability to see particularly, or diapers for folks to measure their babies’ urine values. Clothes prepared with smart fibers can determine arrhytmiaand breath problems by measuring blood pleasure. Micro cameras placed to contact lenses can monitor the changes behind the eyeball to determine pre-signals of diabet.

These digital technologies also improved the quality of health services and relation between patients and doctors. In 21st century, as human being needs to satisfy the needs faster and easier; this need also affected Healthcare sector too. As trends and people’s life styles change this is a 360 motion which also changes all the enviroment of people… Buildings, houses, offices; everywhere we live will also flow through this trends and tecnhology provides who can addapt their solutions to this digital world will be able to survive… Technology providers support buildings to be more green, smarter and digitally connected to people. Doctors to care your health; technology providers to care your enviroment’s healt. For a more connected, efficient and healthy future…

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