5 EcoXpert companies recognized by Schneider Electric for their expertise in EcoStruxure Building solutions

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Delivering Excellence to Customers and Growth to Partners

Unique in industry, the award-winning EcoXpert program offers an esteemed partnership between Schneider Electric and a truly global, cross-expertise ecosystem of solution providers.

Certified on EcoStruxure, EcoXperts employ some of the highest levels of competency in the industry, delivering integrated building control, reliable power management, and efficient energy solutions to customers all over the world. With nearly 4,500 certified EcoXpert partners, spanning 80 countries, EcoXpert partners digitize and electrify our world for a more sustainable future.

Recognizing Top Performance

Grow your business, disrupt your competition, and transform your future—those were the themes this year as nearly 50 of Schneider Electric’s Master-level BMS EcoXpert partners from around the world convened in Boston, Massachusetts for the 2022 Global BMS EcoXpert event. As a global leader of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric brings together leaders of digital transformation in every sector. This event recognizes global EcoXperts for the most notable accomplishments in EcoStruxure Building solutions. The work of our EcoXpert partners is truly transforming sustainability for our customers – and the future of our planet.

This year, EcoXperts were nominated in five categories, and the winners reflect the groundbreaking work that EcoXpert partners are performing around the world. We would like to give our sincerest thanks to all of our EcoXperts who came together, showed their support, and gave recognition to the best work of their peers.

And now, here are this year’s winners.

“Rising Star”: 7KR Consulting – Turkey

7KR Consulting in Turkey joined the BMS EcoXpert program in 2018 and quickly became a rising star. They have delivered an amazing performance with YoY revenue growth over 40%, and they have done it by living up to their mission statement: “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Led by a duo of experienced directors, 7KR has recruited the top engineering talent in Turkey. They have established themselves as leaders within the BMS community across many types of projects, including construction, hypermarkets, hospitals, residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, and factories.Now that 7KR is well known in the international BMS community, we’re excited to see what the future holds for them.

“Modernization & Digital Service” – HDC Labs – South Korea

HDC Labs won this award for one of the largest modernization projects ever executed by an EcoXpert partner. The project was the modernization of the COEX Convention & Exhibition Center, one of South Korea’s leading event centers. The facility has held numerous award ceremonies, keynote speeches, concerts, and more in its 55 meeting rooms and 4 exhibition halls. HDC Labs led a major upgrade of the center that spanned over 85,000 square meters. In fact, the project was so large and with so many moving parts, HDC Labs managed it more like urban planning than mall construction. One of the most impressive features is a roof screen panel system that controls sunlight to create beautiful natural lighting while saving huge amounts of energy. Thanks to the management skills of HDC Labs, the COEX Center was able to continue operating during the massive renovation, and is now better than ever.

“Innovative Project” – Lloret Control Systems Ltd. – United Kingdom

Lloret Control Systems took home this award for its work on 33 Charterhouse Street in London, a smart building that includes an innovative app for occupants, who will be able to control the building in a range of never-before-seen ways. Developed from a digital twin, the dedicated building app offers climate and lighting controls, social distancing monitors, real-time energy footprint per employee, and even a range of administrative duties like meeting room bookings and concierge events. The digital twin also prepares for future wear-and-tear by offering proactive maintenance and fault detection capabilities. With construction recently completed, the building will now house 200,000 sq ft of office space along with multiple retail spaces. Perhaps most importantly, the building’s Master Systems Integrator (MSI) ensures compatibility with future upgrades, ensuring that the latest technology can be installed without needing to upgrade key systems.

“Sustainability Project” – Green Wave Automation and Basepoint Building Automation – South Africa

Caring for the future of our environment is one of our greatest responsibilities. That’s why it was rewarding to see that this year, there were so many exceptional sustainability projects that we had to choose two winners.

First, Green Wave Automation took on a large-scale EcoStruxure project for Massmart, one of sub-Saharan Africa’s largest retail chains. Green Wave Automation helped to install EcoStruxure Building & Power solutions across 155 locations. Massmart managers are now equipped with a cloud-based app that keeps them up to date on the status of each of their EcoStruxure buildings. Now that the installation is complete, Massmart is benefiting from around 900K euro of annual energy savings.

Second, Basepoint Building Automation worked wonders for the University of Iowa, which has a campus that encompasses 165 buildings, 33,000 students, and 24,000 faculty and staff. The university needed to upgrade their capabilities in order to deal with the large influx of data from their array of complex building systems. That’s where Basepoint Building Automation came into the picture. They implemented an EcoStruxure Building Advisor which provides a cloud-based AFDD solution. Basepoint also integrated the HVAC equipment, air-handling units, heating/cooling water systems, pumps, and terminal units, along with four disparate legacy building management systems. Today, the University of Iowa’s 165 buildings run on an integrated platform, resulting in improved performance and almost $1 million in energy savings in just one year.

“Project of the Year” – Team GSTEC Pty Ltd. – Australia

Last but not least, Team GSTEC Pty Ltd. won recognition for Project of the Year for their work at Aurora Place in Sydney, Australia. Their project is the largest order completed by an Australian EcoXpert to date. Situated in the heart of Sydney’s central business district, Aurora Place is a landmark mixed-use development space. Developers for Aurora Place were seeking a sustainable and cyber secure smart building solution. Team GSTEC’s project rose to the occasion. They implemented an EcoStruxure building solution with full cybersecurity compliance, but they didn’t stop there. Team GSTEC also prepared Aurora Place with future expansion capabilities and the full range of Schneider Electric’s offerings. Team GSTEC installed MPV, RP-C, Space Logic Sensors, APC, UPS, a Security Expert integrated to EBO, and the full suite of Schneider Electric advisory services. Aurora Place is now a real-life showcase of the future of building automation championed by EcoXperts around the world.

Wait till next year!

This year has been full of history-making projects, with some categories so competitive that we couldn’t choose a single winner. Our EcoXpert partners are truly creating the future of buildings. We would like to express our gratitude to the community of EcoXperts who are making sustainable buildings a reality across the globe—and we can’t wait to see what next year brings. If you’d like to know more about our EcoXpert partner program, click here.

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