Cloud-based building energy management software simplifies code compliance and meets sustainability goals

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It isn’t easy to overstate the contribution that affordable, reliable energy plays in improving our overall quality of life. In addition to being the engine of economic development, energy is the lifeblood of virtually every modern building.

But even as the world transitions to low carbon, renewable electricity, it is widely acknowledged that one of the best strategies to speed our transition to a more sustainable future is to consume energy more efficiently today. As U.S. residential and commercial buildings account for almost 40% of all electricity consumption, regulations, codes, and energy performance requirements for new and existing structures are increasingly stringent and complex. Many jurisdictions have proposed or have implemented mandatory energy measurement and monitoring requirements based on model energy standards like ASHRAE 90.1 or the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

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Without purpose-built, cost-effective measurement/monitoring devices and software, traditional solutions on the market today make meeting code obligations challenging. This poses cost risks for building owners and managers. In addition, such traditional software tools do not provide the specific capabilities to address the objective of the codes and standards – increasing energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings.

However, the latest digital innovations for buildings have made it easier for facility professionals to reduce the cost pressures of ill-suited software solutions while creating opportunities to improve building value, environmental impact, and the tenant/occupant experience.

Digital transformation is on track to democratize energy management

Thanks to the same digital and connectivity convergence that has recently revolutionized so many business models, next-generation energy management applications are also pushing the envelope of capability and cost-effectiveness, courtesy of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Companies searching for digital solutions that address business challenges, such as meeting regulatory requirements or trimming energy waste, have practical and proven options:

  • Cloud-based architectures offer simpler and more cost-effective software and data analysis architecture – eliminating the need to shoulder the IT complexity of installing and maintaining on-premise BMS or EMS software.
  • Web and mobile applications enable building owners, operators, and occupants to visualize the status of their energy infrastructure, track energy usage, plus benchmark performance with simple and effective user interfaces.

The SaaS software distribution model is also an easier path for companies to streamline complex processes and business models. However, because SaaS solutions can be one of the most reliable and economic tools to boost business intelligence and agility, choosing a cloud-based IoT service provider with proven energy management competency has never been more critical.

Cloud-based energy management that is simple, smart, and effective

Schneider Electric is recognized worldwide as an energy management expert and leader in digital transformation. We’ve leveraged all that know-how to create EcoStruxure™ Energy Hub, a unique cloud-based subscription software solution that is fully scalable and designed to put performance and simplicity front and center.

It is easy to get started, use, and achieve results. Just connect one or more buildings’ smart energy infrastructure to begin automatically collecting, storing, visualizing, and reporting on energy data. Discover actionable insights about building energy use with its easy-to-use web or smartphone app in only minutes. Because EcoStruxure Energy Hub is a SaaS offering, building operators can realize dramatic benefits over conventional software:

  • Up to 25% faster startup and onboarding to improve productivity
  • Up to 25% reduced maintenance costs to lower upfront capital expenses
  • Up to a 50% reduction in operating costs related to maintenance and personnel for system upkeep
  • Up to 30% energy savings compared to unmonitored buildings by gaining awareness of facility energy spend

Simplicity breeds operational efficiency and business resiliency

Ecostruxure Energy Hub answers pressing facility operational and business challenges:

  • Proven compliance allows building owners and electrical contractors to meet evolving energy codes and enables building owners and electrical contractors to meet evolving energy codes.
    • Energy performance monitoring and reporting per ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, LEED, California Title 24, and other state and local building and energy codes.
    • Collecting and storing energy data so subscribers can categorize energy usage by load types, such as HVAC, lighting, and plug.
  • The intuitive graphical configuration makes setup simple, while dashboards and reports are automatically populated to speed up actionable outcomes. The software is built on a powerful energy platform that intelligently automates the configuration of energy management visualizations.
  • Energy usage data aggregation by site, building, floor, area, or zone to rank and compare the top contributors to energy usage across multiple sites and identify savings opportunities.
  • Real-time electrical system monitoring provides status alerts and alarming events for critical systems and assets by email or mobile app.
  • Toolset for energy service providers to offer value-added facility or energy management services to their managed buildings

The SaaS distribution model offers agility and cyber resilience

EcoStruxure Energy Hub updates are released continuously and installed automatically, eliminating the need to shut down for maintenance or upgrades. The software is also a native IoT solution that is IT-friendly and designed from the ground up with end-to-end cybersecurity in mind. It incorporates enhanced cybersecurity measures, including third-party certified connectivity to installed IoT devices, per the ISA/IEC62443 security standard. Additionally, because EcoStruxure Energy Hub is a SaaS offering, security compliance and features are always up-to-date. No longer will building managers and operators need to worry about patching their software systems.

Visit our web page to learn more about EcoStruxure Energy Hub, or contact your local Schneider Electric Sales representative. Download the mobile app through the Apple Store or Google Play.

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