How Hong Kong’s BEAM Plus initiative helps take sustainable building performance to the next level

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Mention the city of Hong Kong to most people, and what likely comes to mind is the city’s iconic skyline, comprised of some of the world’s most recognizable, and in some cases, record-breaking buildings. Considering its unmatched urban density and enduring legacy of architectural innovation, it’s no surprise that Hong Kong is leading the way to improved building sustainability with the BEAM Plus, green building assessment initiative. Recognized and certified by the non-profit HKGBC, the program’s goal is to promote environmentally responsible development by enabling the independent assessment of a building’s sustainability performance during all phases of its design and commissioning, as well as during its operational lifecycle.

Beam Plus

The BEAM Plus rating covers both new and existing structures. It also offers real-estate developers and building owners the flexibility to achieve certification according to the individual circumstances applicable to each property. Building rankings start with Bronze and progress through Silver and Gold, while a range-topping Platinum assessment is awarded only to structures exhibiting the most complete and innovative range of wellness and sustainability features. Although BEAM Plus is primarily focused on boosting sustainability and cutting CO2, the voluntary program offers private sector building owners and managers many potential benefits and presents a compelling business case for certification.

BEAM Plus green building certification is smart business

The commercial real-estate market has been experiencing major disruption, yet must remain focused on providing leisure and working spaces that are safe, healthy, productive, and sustainable is critically important for landlords and developers. Changing mindsets have caused many tenants and occupants to look beyond comfort and energy efficiency when assessing a building. Tele-commuting, a pandemic-related mitigation measure, plus the impact of new technology have all caused tenants and occupants alike to demand building features that also deliver enhanced wellbeing and an optimized user experience. Because comprehensive BEAM Plus certification criteria cover these key areas and more, owners and managers can leverage BEAM Plus certification to improve their property’s competitive position in a variety of ways:

  • Increased revenue – Certification to objective sustainability criteria helps remove the guesswork when measuring a building’s environmental performance. Studies indicate tenants in Hong Kong are willing to pay a premium for BEAM Plus certified green buildings up to 9% for offices, and 4.4% for residential flats.
  • Improved tenant retention – With its focus on measurable health, wellbeing, innovation, and design criteria, a comprehensive BEAM Plus certification helps quantify properties that offer a more desirable built environment contributing to occupant productivity, engagement, and retention, and as many studies reveal, a better bottom line.
  • Lower operating costs – In addition to furthering asset values, a BEAM Plus certified green building has been shown to have reduced operating costs due to decreased carbon, water, energy, and waste.
  • Credibility and innovation – A BEAM Plus green building certification helps showcase a property’s commitment to sustainability best practices, as well as dedication to continuous improvement as industry standards advance. Certification is also a prerequisite to apply for GFA (Gross Floor Area) concessions for new developments.

Expert solutions and advice reduce risk and boost payback with BEAM Plus ratings

ATAL Engineering, a Schneider Electric Master BMS EcoXpert business partner has a proven track record helping commercial, industrial, and institutional customers throughout the region achieve the highest BEAM Plus ratings possible. Our expertise focuses on key rating categories, including energy use, digital facility management, ventilation, and water use has enabled ATAL Engineering to offer clients advanced solutions that cover more than a third of the total rated categories. With the expert advice of ATAL Engineering’s qualified “BEAM Professional” staff, together with Schneider Electric’s smart and innovative EcoStruxure Building solutions, we have even helped clients exceed many BEAM Plus requirements.

ATAL Engineering and Schneider Electric share the goal of helping take our customer’s building/retrofit projects to the next level. With our assistance, some of Hong Kong’s premier facilities, such as Two International Finance Centre, Hong Kong Science Park, One Taikoo Place, and The Quayside are Gold or Platinum certified.

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EcoXperts are the Enablers of Buildings of the Future

The EcoXpert Partner Program is unique in its industry and made up of a best-in-class global ecosystem of expertise. Trained and certified by Schneider Electric, EcoXperts are the implementation arms of EcoStruxure and Wiser all over the world.

Buildings of the Future is about delivering solutions for the sustainable, resilient, hyper-efficient, and people-centric buildings that our customers need. For our EcoXpert partners, this unveils immense growth opportunities through the transition to end-to-end portfolio sales that will resolve our customers’ most critical needs. For our shared customers, this means that together with our EcoXpert partners, we will drive the building industry transformation and help our customers survive and thrive today – and tomorrow.

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