How a new generation of building security solutions enhance value to customers

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The past two years have spotlighted several drastic changes organizations must make to adapt to the pandemic and accommodate the shift in the way people now live and work.

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From the perspective of access control, managing occupancy and ensuring employee safety is only a starting point. Today’s businesses need security solutions that:

  • Provide greater flexibility for users and operators
  • Improve adaptability to changing conditions
  • Better integrate with existing building systems

In addition to security deployments to safeguard structures, companies are also looking for better ways to incorporate security seamlessly into the new hybrid work model.

Despite becoming top of mind in the building security environment recently, two ongoing developments have been challenging the industry for years:

  1. Digitization – connectivity, the integration of data from IoT sensors, devices, and building apps combined with cloud-based AI and advanced analytics has helped create the smart building and near endless possibilities for system integration.
  2. New ways of working – the expansion of remote and agile work settings that now require both physical and logical access control that is secure, easily manageable and scalable.

In the latest Verdantix report, Smart Innovators: Building Security Solutions, the company surveys facility executives to identify their building security needs and provides an overview of innovations that are currently disrupting the industry.

Integrated building security platforms deliver advanced mobile capabilities

To explore the market in-depth, the report assesses how building security solutions offered by key industry players fulfill user needs, including EcoStruxure Security Expert.

EcoStruxure Security Expert is an integrated role-based physical access control and intrusion detection solution that unifies a building’s security infrastructure and management systems into a single, easy-to-manage platform that enables faster, more efficient decision-making.

Classed amongst the Verdantix report’s “comprehensive building management” offerings, EcoStruxure Security Expert is suitable for a diverse range of enterprise environments and is designed to deliver superior integration right out of the box, with a secure, standards-based IP infrastructure that easily scales and extends to multiple sites.

A new generation of security solutions bring enhanced value to customers

Key takeaways from the report include the following:

  • Demand for intelligent and integrated, building security platforms with rich feature sets that enable automated workflows and faster response times is rising.
    Schneider Electric offers a global view of security data, from which security teams can receive and examine alerts at a more granular level. This enables firms to manage their security resources more efficiently, using alerts and insights to drive targeted responses.
  • The shortcomings of siloed, legacy security systems are highlighted as Verdantix concludes,
    Today, security software is breaking down (these) siloes by promoting interoperability, with a broadening range of IT and operational technology systems. For example, Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Security Expert combines capabilities such as access control, visitor management, and video surveillance into a single platform and operates alongside the firm’s other solutions.
  • The new generation of security solutions offers enhanced functionality with a raft of potential benefits include:
    • Using automation to shorten incident response times
    • Enabling teams to focus more on value-added tasks
    • Leveraging remote management capabilities to improve operational resilience
    • Trimming costs through continuous monitoring and better coordination

After decades of slow movement factors such as enhanced remote connectivity, disruptions exacerbated by the pandemic, and changing buyer attitudes are propelling new investments in digitizing building security.

Fortunately, integrated intelligent building security software solutions that meet the needs of today’s connected enterprise are available. Download the new Verdantix report to learn more and visit EcoStruxure Security Expert.

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