Outcomes Not Assets: Moving Towards Critical Infrastructure “as a Service” model

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During these unprecedented times, people are constantly adjusting the way they work and live their everyday lives. Group gatherings have become less frequent or even unnecessary. Some are adjusting to a flexible work schedule while others are working from home where health and safety considerations have become a main priority.

In the same way, as financial markets felt the effect of the global health crisis, companies of all shapes and sizes are now considering new approaches to the way they operate. To adjust to the new norm and accommodate rapid changes in revenue, companies need to alter their financial plans and budgets in a flexible manner.

Ensuring continuity of operations and having a business recovery plan is paramount to survival. The aim is to do more with less, while still driving profitability.

Outcomes not Assets

Meanwhile, customers are increasingly demanding more value and an enhanced user experience. Whilst suppliers and partners can give customers increasingly powerful tools to monitor, manage and maintain their complex environments, it is rarely core to their business and often just a necessary evil. From here, the gap between customer expectations and customer experience widens.

One way to close this gap and enhance customer value is to deliver ‘as a service’ programs. These ensure that customers receive a predictable, reliable outcome.

No longer are procurement cycles necessary to increase capacity if or when needed. Internal business resources are also no longer required to monitor or maintain equipment. Solution updates, commissioning and decommissioning of owned equipment are all a thing of the past for customers looking for this type of experience.

Expanding ‘as a Service’ models

EcoStruxure Outcomes by Schneider Electric is an innovative new business model recently released into the critical infrastructure market. It provides customers with a unique lifecycle experience where they enjoy the outcomes of critical power and cooling without product ownership.

Paying only a monthly fee based on actual usage eliminates high upfront capital expenditure, reduces over-provisioning and increases efficiency. This is achieved through active capacity planning, providing lifetime management of the solution over the total solution lifecycle, all underpinned by the very latest digital tools and local expertise.

A Change in Thinking

Are you in the process of reformulating your strategy around the way you access your business requirements? Whether you remain focussed on asset ownership or make the choice to transition towards an outcomes-based orientation, putting customer experience first is paramount.

Schneider Electric can enable your business not just with our hardware and software but also with our subject matter expertise and experience in the day-to-day operations of your environments. You can now concentrate on your core business activities as we manage the full life-cycle experience using EcoStruxure Outcomes: Secure Power as a Service!

Would you like to learn more? Visit SPaaS or the EcoStruxure Outcomes LinkedIn Page for more information.

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