Reinforcing Resiliency by Building an All Electric and Digital World

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At a recent Webinar Innovation Talk: Partner Connect North America, I had the opportunity to be a part of an esteemed panel with our very own Aamir Paul, Country President US, Mike Montanari, VP, Power Systems Businesses, and  Emily Heitman, VP, Power Products USA. Through the forum, we shared our experiences on how committed Schneider Electric has been to create a connected and supported environment for our partners in the North American (NAM) region and worldwide to effect a collective response against the recent global uncertainties.

Adjusting to the new normal

The NAM region has been impacted by the pandemic much like the rest of the world. During the event, Aamir shared his perspective on the national response and the outlook for 2020, outlining the health and safety of employees, partners, and customers as our highest priority. He also discussed organizational efforts to ensure business continuity through digital resiliency, cybersecurity infrastructure, and 24/7 support systems. Acknowledging numerous challenges such as supply-chain disruptions, Aamir discussed various initiatives taken to improve delivery by leveraging digital technology and innovations as well as the Schneider Electric partner platforms.

Reinforcing Resiliency by Building an All Electric and Digital World

Adding to Aamir, Mike stressed that while pre-pandemic complexities persisted, it was time to identify opportunities amidst crisis and reinvent roles beyond the traditional scope of work. He also emphasized the increasing focus of Schneider Electric towards amplifying digital penetration and employing IoT and connected technologies in order to address various emerging challenges by creating intuitive tools and building innovative systems that empower our partners to commission, plan, design, and maintain resilient constructions.

The partnership ecosystem

Emily reiterated how our past commitments to partners have been reinforced amidst the current crisis. While drawing attention to the joint efforts of Schneider Electric and its distributor partners, she highlighted the collective local response to meet the urgent local demand that emerged during the COVID 19 crisis. She also reiterated our commitment to being the natural partner of the distributor community across sectors and our efforts to empower them with training, the latest innovative technology, and with the most comprehensive range of products and solutions.

Thereafter, I had the opportunity to converge the local and global perspectives and outlook. Despite diverse challenges at various geographies and economies, Schneider Electric and our strong global partners community of over 650k are showcasing tremendous flexibility and agility in adopting connected technologies and in embracing new ways of doing businesses, enabled by our latest products and technological innovations, while increasing focus on collaboration, to put forth a collective effort in designing and building a resilient electric and digital world.

Earlier this spring, we were presented with an opportunity that showcases our essential values and hallmarks of our collective efforts to respond to a crisis as well as of our continuous endeavors to accelerate the global transition to an all-electric world. Displaying a spectacular collective response to the pandemic, our Schneider Electric North American team, and its local partners supported emergency response teams to construct temporary medical tents for supporting healthcare efforts of NYC hospitals.

The joint efforts of the Schneider Electric team and local distributor partners ensured a rapid response in supplying mission-critical equipment to the site. Various Schneider Electric business units and partners displayed stunning technical competency in mobilizing assembly and expediting the installation of life-saving equipment amidst unfolding uncertainties.

The story reflects how our partners have chosen to be more resilient by adopting flexibility and agility in the new normal with the objective of adapting quicker than the evolving market and situations.

Building a resilient electric and digital world

At Schneider Electric, we are reinforcing our resiliency by becoming hyper-efficient by way of empowering our partners through enterprise collaboration, business continuity, and dedicated partner programs. Connecting permanently and digitally to our global partners in different specializations is a priority for us. Hence, our focus is on ensuring better cyber-secured connectivity.

Towards the same objectives, we are launching the MySchneider partner programs globally to strengthen our support and collaboration.

Schneider Electric is investing significantly in R&D and product development. In the near future, we are launching new customer-driven innovations and ground-breaking offers and solutions at the Innovation Summit World Tour 2020.

You can watch the complete recording of the Innovation Talk: Partner Connect North America here.

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