The Digital Transformation Has Come – Our Customers Depend on It

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The reality is, a digital transformation is upon us.

For many years our industry, customers, and EcoXpert partners have gone through a steady-but-gradual digital transformation. That transformation is accelerating. And, it’s happening now. The speed of this digital transformation to a connected and converging world depends on several factors. Less than a year ago, I pointed out that the ‘transformation of our channel from the edge is an evolution rather than a revolution.’ As is with all things digital, that evolution will continue indefinitely.

Today my message is a bit different. All of us are living the reason why. To quote our CEO, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, “COVID-19 has been a massive accelerator of digital, reinforced by the core needs of remote everything, resiliency, efficiency, and sustainability.” I think we can all agree that this new normal brings with it the incredible need to adapt and to be flexible. It also brings with it the need to find ways to stay ahead of its curve.Digital Transformation

Is the pandemic the unprecedented digital transformation catalyst? And if so, what does it mean for our EcoXpert partners, for us, and our end customers? The answer to that question depends on several factors. That said, one thing is for sure – all organizations regardless of specialization or size, need help to recover. They also need help to respond to the needs of a new reality, one that has catapulted us into a more digital world than ever before.

As an author of a book focused on digital transformation and someone who is active in the business, I’m a true believer in the way this digital transformation is shaping our everyday routine, I dive deep into this topic and provide clarity to these questions. My newly published ‘Digital transformation to respond, recover, and thrive in the new normal‘ has some important insights and data to share with you. Please share your thoughts on how we, together with our EcoXpert partners, can help you with the solutions and expertise needed to survive today and thrive tomorrow.


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